Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 2016 First Week

Looking at Calendars

Hi! How is you December going? Seems to be flying away here. I actually started this on Monday!

Advent Calendar

We took a vote and will reveal fives this year. What are fives? Five days of builds.
Day one gave us Emma and day five Naomi. In between we have a skate stand, mail box, and decorative candle.
Here you can see them better.

Desk Calendar - Part 1

Our holiday house shifts from Thanksgiving to Christmas. How many changes do you think were made? You can see a few even without seeing the entire house.
Here's the full view. I think it's great.
Since we aren't doing the Advent Village this year we thought we'd put an Advent wreath in the holiday house and "light" one candle each week. See it here. 
I wish we had a pink piece to match the purple ones. Oh well, must be creative. The first two candles are lit. One represents hope, the other love.

Desk Calendar - Part 2

Awesome! Since Kaya didn't get to post her piece Monday, I can add to it!
See Xyra was down at the Lego store Monday night picking out a gift for Toys for Tots and was drawn to the big pick a brick bin. While sifting through she found the pink piece we needed! Check it out!
So now our candles match! 
The two unlit candles represent peace and joy.

What do you think? Do you have an Advent wreath or calendar? 

Thank you very much for joining us today!
Come again soon! Have a great day!


  1. So fun! And glad to hear that Xyra was able to find the needed piece, I can't imagine going through all of those bricks to find that one piece!

    1. Hahaha! Those bins have all sorts of neat pieces you can't get if you don't collect all the themes. I was really looking for navy blue bricks, but also found a few sky and powder lavender, dark purple, several different greys, and some buttons. It really does get to be like panning for gold.