Thursday, November 24, 2016

National Dog Show 2016

Cool Groups

Good News for our Pups

Terrier Group

Hey,Cocoa! The West Highland White Terrier won the terrier group! Yay!

Non-Sporting Group

Hahaha, seems the others have joined watching the National Dog Show. 
Fourth isn't too bad Bonbon. Maybe next year.

Best in Show

Lovely greyhound!
Handsome giant schnauzer!
Awesome! The border collie is from Schwenksville! That's right down the road.
English spring spaniel is gorgeous.
The Tibetan Terrier reminds me of a panda. (giggles)
Ooo, here's the westie!
The pekingese...always reminds me of Half-Blood Prince and Aragog's funeral scene. (giggles)
(laughing) Kind of reminds me of a tribble.
Or a pygmy puff.

Woo hoo! Gia, the greyhound wins! (cheers and applauds)

We're thankful for our fur family and the joy they bring us. Don't forget your fur family today. Keep them safe, don't feed them anything that could be poisonous, give them a big hug!

Have a great day!


  1. Finn was excited to see the Border Collie win the herding group! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. And the border collie is local for us. Just a few minutes down the road. :-)

  2. Aww! So cute! Makes me wish I had a pet... 😄


    1. Thanks, Madison. We really love our fur family! :-)