Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Coffee & Tea Festival Philly 4

The Fun Continues!

Hi! Welcome back! Yesterday we left after telling you about Marshmallow MBA. Well, right next to the marshmallows we found one of our favorite magazines! No, American Girl wasn't represented, but TeaTime magazine was! And guess what! They remembered me from 2014! (giggles) 
I checked out the books. So many to choose from.
And the new 2016 Christmas ornament. Uh, oh! Looks like we should have picked this up at the festival. Oh, well. Next time. We picked up a copy of the new holiday edition of TeaTime magazine. Filled with wonderful information and articles and photos and recipes!

Oooo! One of my favorite stops! Getting to meet and talk with Bruce Richardson. Contributing Editor to TeaTime and author of The Tea Maestro blog!
Plus he's the owner of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas. Have you visited Gettysburg National Park lately? You'll find Elmwood Inn there. I'm not sure what to choose from this tower. The tea blends sound great!

After chatting with Mr. Richardson, we hopped over to Zhen Tea. They had the cutest tea pet. And the best clear, glass tasting cups!
We each tried the yellow tea. It was fabulous. Mr. Rushworth explained the process of making yellow tea and it is really tricky! A bit of each blend was available to view and sniff.
They even had tea cakes.

Next we headed to Cabot. They had four cheeses to try. I liked the Colby Jack and sharp cheddar. 
Nonna liked the aged white oak. Xyra the horseradish.

Silver Needle Tea had a striking display. Very simple packaging.
I tried the Iron Goddess of Mercy. It was a very nice oolong.
Love the name on this blend. Golden Beautiful Eyebrow.

Over at Live Vessel we found very unique tea things made with a type of clay that, well, here you really have to read the information on the Live Vessel site.
This was my favorite from the display. All the vessels and sets are beautiful.

Nearby we found Anita's Biscotti. The truly vanilla sample...super yummy! They had all sorts of flavors and sizes.
Plus we found out just how local they are...came from Sinking Spring, PA. 

Okay, I have to stop for today. Still more to see so I hope you come back again to see the last couple of posts about the Coffee and Tea Festival Philly.

One question for you, which was your favorite exhibitor from today's post?

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Anita's Biscotti, Bruce Richardson, Cabot, Elmwood Inn Teas, Live Vessel, Silver Needle Tea, Starfish Junction, TeaTime Magazine, or Zhen Tea. We do subscribe to the Coffee and Tea Newsletter and TeaTime Magazine and follow The Tea Maestro blog. The above is a recounting of our attendance at a public event. All links are provided for educational and informative purposes; no purchase is required or suggested to enjoy our post. However, if you are interested in any of the items mentioned the links will help you find your way to more information.



  1. Very interesting!! Just park me by the Cabot display, I love their cheese.

    1. Yes, that was a popular table! :-D We went back twice.

    2. The best part of the Cabot table was no sales so no pressure - just cheese! Yum

    3. Coupons though...don't forget the coupons. :)