Thursday, November 10, 2016

Coffee & Tea Festival Philly 5

More Fun Today

Hello, again! Yesterday I closed with a tasty treat; today I open with one. Do you like waffles? I LOVE waffles! One of the exhibitors was Waffatopia.
This is another local company with unique product. The waffary is located in Conshohocken, but they ship all over AND they've been featured on the Food Network! So cool. By the way Conshohocken is pronounced con-sheh-hock-in or shortened to con-she. (giggles)
Don't they look tasty!

Tea Life had a great display with these great shirts! Which would you choose?
And so many other great products. We found out they have a location in King of Prussia right now too!

We headed off to Capital Teas. Xyra and I were hoping to find the figgy pudding blend, but they brought a lot less tea this time. They did have almost all of the fall blends. We tried the Mexican hot chocolate and another one. Both were very smooth. Xyra thought the dark and stormy smelled interesting. Nonna was checking out the rock sugar and I found the salts. Check it out - Hawaiian pink and black lava sea salt.

It was time for Bruce Richardson's seminar - Five Teas that Brewed a Revolution. So we headed over to the little room and found seats.
I learned...

  • The Dutch mayor of lower Manhatten was drinking tea in America 11 years before the first tea advertisement appeared in England.
  • A pinky finger slightly extended to the side balances a delicate tea cup while one held high like a kitty cat tale shows pretention. (giggles) Well, guess we won't be getting a "pinkies up" shirt from Tea Life. (giggles)
  • Thomas Jefferson preferred Hyson green tea.
  • Tea cups without handles shipped more easily and safely than those with handles.
  • Tea things were very important.
  • Jane Austen favored Twinings tea because they did not recyle their tea and could spot recycled tea.
  • And so much more!

See this table? Interesting shape, right?
Each of those turn outs is a spot for a tea cup. See how the one is placed on the corner turn out?

Just outside the seminar room was Bee Raw honey
My favorite was the raspberry. Very tasty! Xyra liked the sourwood.

Across the way was meimei tea.
They had a wide variety of tea cakes. 
These aren't baked goods. They are compressed bricks of tea leaves and are aged. Most of the tea cakes were pu'erh.

Teapigs had a great display and tasting area!
Check out their Christmas ornaments. (giggles) They'd be great for Hanukkah too! Or any holiday or special occasion.
I love how each tea blend has its own little picture. We sampled the licorice and mint blend. I bet you think that would taste weird, but it's really good. More about that later. Hint, hint. (giggles)

Our final tea stop of the day...My Zen Tea. They also had the tea cakes. Even these smaller tea cake balls.
Loved their teaware.

Well, that's it for the event itself. We had a great time at the Coffee and Tea Festval Philly! Thank you, Starfish Junction and all the exhibitors, for providing a great experience. We're looking forward to the next one!

What's your favorite photo from this group of exhibitors? Which unique tea do you want to learn more about?

Thank you for stopping back. The big reveal of what we added to our collection is tomorrow. come back to see what we will be reviewing in the future.

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or any of the exhibitors mentioned in the above post. This is purely a recounting of our attendance at a public event. All links are provided for educational and informative purposes; no purchase is required or suggested to enjoy the post. However, if you are interested in any, the links will help you find your way to more information.


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