Saturday, November 5, 2016

Coffee & Tea Festival Philly 1

Our Representative

You know we were looking forward to going to the Coffee and Tea Festival - Philly this year. Everyone stated their case on why she might go. In the end we took an in-house poll and by unanimous vote we realized there really was only one choice...Melody!

Early this morning we headed over to Oaks to meet Nonna and joined the rest of the enthusiasts in line.

So many fun things happened today, some of the best were the exhibitors that recognized us from our visit in 2014.  A pleasant surprise!

Check back Monday to see our trip to the festival. Then watch for new tea reviews. We're getting back to our roots. :)

If you are near Oaks, PA and like tea, there is still one more day for the festival. If you go from 10 - 3 you can then stop at Ursinus College for the College Choir and Meistersinger concert. It starts at 4!

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