Monday, November 21, 2016

Fashion Review: OG Cat's Meow

Our Generation Outfit

Cat's Meow

Target had a great sale going on Saturday 30% off all toys and games. While perusing the toys I saw the Cat's Meow outfit and it yelled, "Take me home!"
It's a nice set with five pieces: sweater, skirt, tights, scarf, and shoes.

The shoes threw me off a bit, but they match a color in the scarf, so I guess...
It was terrible to open. the inner cardboard with the outfit sewn on was glued tightly to the outer packaging.

Neat Outfit

Hey! this is a pretty outfit! I love the sweater. Heathered purple with a kitty face; reminds me of all of our kitties. I'm trying it on!
Cute. Do I look like the model? I think I have the scarf on wrong; it doesn't drape for me like it does in the picture.
I'm not certain about the colors; especially the shoes. 
I see the turquoise, gold, and lavender in the scarf, but I'm not so sure.
The skirt is interesting. It has a knit layer and a gold tulle layer.
I think these shoes would go better. 
I'll model each pair, but I think I'll change the skirt too.
These are from the Boho Beauty outfit.
Purr-fect Footprint might be better with jeans.
Black loafers tend to go with everything. So they work here?
The lavender cowgirl boots kick up some style.

Which would you choose?

Xyra's Notes

Sweater: Has two spots of velcro on the back. Very easy on and off, but very sticky. It caught on the sweater several times.
Skirt: A lovely gold color and has an elastic waist. Also easy on and off. The metallic tulle or netting layer is funky and edgy. If the cat face on the sweater was gold the color would make more sense.

Tights: Snag easily.

Scarf: Nice knit with velcro closure and two button embellishments. Contains all the colors found through the outfit.

Shoes: Molded plastic with fun pattern on upper and cute soles. Just wish they were a different color. 
Overall: I give this one a 4 out of 5. I took off a point for odd color combinations, but see great mix and match possibility.

Stop again soon! Have a nice day!


  1. Love the outfit especially the sweater. I would have picked it up immediately as well. The purple shoes go best with either skirt. What a darling outfit, many mix and match possibilities as you say. Very cute.

  2. I like the first combo with the purple shoes the best. OG sure does come up with some strange combinations! It is cute though.

    1. They certainly do. The shoes fit well, no issues there, just don't quite coordinate as I'd like them to. :-D

  3. I love the sweater! And you're right about the shoes. Maybe OG figured that you already had some purple shoes and some black shoes, so they just threw a blue pair in there to give you more variety. :) Cute outfit overall!

    ginnie /