Monday, November 28, 2016

Model Monday: Kaya #3

Interesting Fall

Usually fall days are cool, clear, bright, and crisp. We've been having a lot of wind this year and overcast days. Not great for motivation. However, Xyra thought my Thanksgiving outfit unique and deserved a Model Monday post. I don't mind; I love it too. (giggles) So I put it back on and we headed out.

What have you been up to since Thanksgiving? We got to stay up really late the one night and watch the movie Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russel! Really awesome movie and it made us think of our very own Great Auntie Mame in Arizona. We miss her.

The Shoot

Which is your favorite photo?

Shoot Details

Jacket: Virginia Gaudiello creation for ArtFusion 19464
Tee shirt: Silly Monkey (no longer available)
Jeans: American Girl (store exclusive)
Boots: Springfield Collection
Bracelet: Lanie's Accessories (AG retired)

So glad you stopped. Come again soon!


  1. The 5th photo is my favorite with Kaya leaning against the tree in a dreamy pose. The first one shows her whole outfit. Very stunning. Gramma Enne

  2. I love this outfit! That t-shirt is nice and the jacket looks chic and comfy. I like all the pics, but the first one is my favorite.

    1. Thank you!

      Even though it's supposed to be a period piece, I liked how the fine whale of the corduroy and cut brought the outfit together.

    2. This outfit IS perfect. The fifth photo down is my favorite but I'm a sucker for tree leaning shots LOL