Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Jonas

Better Name...

Blizzard of 2016

Grace, Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

Yeah, we're not all that fond of the new practice of naming winter storms.
Especially when Jonas conjures different images than 24 - 30 inches of snow. (giggling)
Although, if I met Joe or Nick I'd probably be frozen. (laughing)
Or blown away! (laughing)
Anyway, the last few days have been very interesting. Grace and I wanted to just hang out in our pjs all day long.
And we did, but Sunday we were curious and ventured out. Haley let me borrow her jacket because mine is out with Lady Vanyer getting accessories.
We were also invited to participate in a Snow Ball. 
Lanie, Haley, Kirsten, and I found our fancy dresses and got ready for that.
It was fun, but cold posing for our photos.

Exploring the Snow

Snow Ball

What They're Wearing
Haley: Antebellum gown and jacket from ArtFusion 19464, with AG button up boots.
Lanie: Striped tafeta ball gown - first craft show purchase - with AG brown shoes.
Kirsten: AG brocade dress (retired) with red cape from Lady Vanyer.
Kaya: Silver sparkly dress from The Queen's Treasures with retired AG Winter Magic top and shoes.

Did you get the snow this weekend? If yes, how did you pass the time while snowbound? If not, where did you roam this weekend?

Best wishes!


  1. We didn't even get a single flake, not sure how we lucked out! Our girls have a big dance coming up this weekend too, must be a PA thing. Your girls all look so pretty. :)

    1. Wow! None at all. Very nice. Guess this nor'easter stayed east this time. I know others that haven't.

      Thank you. :) Looking forward to your dance photos.

  2. Ahhh, we got lots of snow where I live too! Great for photos. I love yours, by the way!

    1. Thank you. The snow is nice for photos - reflects light well and (when fresh) you can easily level the surface for standing. :)

  3. Love your Photos! We had lots of snow here in Lititz PA too!

    1. Thank you! Didn't realize you were so close; we should meet up sometime. :)