Monday, November 23, 2015

Mini Big Adventure #2

Pyewacket Finds a Treasure

Meep me-up me-up me-up
What is it Pyewacket? Have you found something?
Mew (purrs)
That's a pretty pink cup and saucer. Look at the nice gold spoon too!
Mmmm (purrs)
The bow looks lovely on you.
(purrs) Meep
No, there's nothing in it. Sorry, girl.
Let's go find you some water. But we'll use this cup in the near future.

Does our find look familiar? We have a set just like this from June 2014. Last time Felicity and Rebecca found the treasure on top of a "mountain." Now we have a matching pair. Yay!

This pink demitasse cup, saucer, and spoon are from The Queen's Treasures. It was a favor with purchase at their Neighborhood Toy Store event the other weekend.  See the wrapped favor here.

So glad you stopped! Come again soon!


  1. Pyewacket is so cute! Pretty cup. :)

    1. She's very fond of attention too. Our other kitties are happy to stay out of the camera frame, but Pyewacket...she's hanging out a lot. I think still settling in.

  2. She is so cute! I love that cup too, what a nice gift.

    1. She's the curious one of the bunch. :) We're very thankful to have a matching pair now.