Thursday, November 5, 2015

Movie Day 4

80s Movies - Halloween Costumes

Haley, Kaya'aton'my', Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more


Yay! Time to head to Lady Webby's for another movie day!
Movie days are so much fun.
Lots of good food.
Since it was still so close to Halloween we decided to wear our costumes.
Hmmm, I'm looking back at July and, Kaya, you were wearing the overalls then too.
Hey, they're comfy! Plus you can't be a minion with out overalls.

Heading Out

Xyra packed up the cheese and crackers...
And tupperware containers to bring home strawberry pretzel yum.
We piled in the car and headed south.
Radio blaring.


We stopped at the door just like regular trick or treaters.

Lady Webby and Princess Bella loved our costumes.
Princess Bella's was really cute too!
Soon Lady Vanyer arrived.
You know she thought we were cute.
The Lady Navia arrived.
She complimented us too.
After visiting, we filled our plates and headed downstairs for the first movie.
I really love this couch!
I know. Perfect for movie viewing.
Did you say there was cauliflower in this dip?
Wow! Super tasty.
Perfect on the baguette.
The quiches are super tasty too!

First Movie

First we watched One Crazy Summer.
It's really goofy. (giggles)
But also kind of a nice love story.
The ladies were laughing about the actors.
Naming them from their other movie characters.
They were funny!
This one has a similar plot to The Goonies; trying to save a property from developers.
Quick note - this is NOT based on the book One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia. Don't get them confused.
The movie is PG, but I don't remember any bad language or other stuff.
Some minor potty humor.
Liked it!

Second Movie

We took a break between movies to fill our plates again.
Time for strawberry pretzel yum!
We said goodbye to Lady Navia.
Yeah, she had to leave early.
That was sad.
Then it was back to the couch for The Secret of My Succe$s.
This was also PG.
Had more adult situations, but nothing graphic.
Mostly implied.
No real nudity or super bad language.
Oh, well, his neighbors were annoying.
In this one a guy from Kansas decides to move to New York for a job.
Things don't go well and he ends up working in the mail room.
But then pretends to be an executive.
It's all really funny.
Lots of chase scenes.
Liked it!

We headed home after that. 
Love watching movies at Lady Webby's.
She and Bella are great hostesses.
Looking forward to next time.

Do you like to watch older movies? What is your favorite older movie?

Best wishes,


  1. Looks like a fun evening with friends! I would say my favorite 80's movie is Back To The Future, followed very closely by Back To School. Great era of classic movies!

    1. Love Back to School - Rodney Dangerfield, Sally Kellerman, and a young Robert Downey Jr.! The girls haven't seen that one...yet.

      Oooo, Back to the Future! Love it! That's Lady Webby's favorite movie! She gave us a time machine magnet with the "Roads" quote on it. :)

    2. And Oingo Boingo with Danny Elfman in BTS too! Is it a bad thing that I quote Rodney Dangerfield from this movie once in a while? LOL

    3. Oingo Boingo is the best! On so many 80s movie soundtracks. :)