Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Queen's Treasures 2015 B

Road Trip with Friends

Destination: The Queen's Treasures

The Adventure Continues

Hi, again! Glad you came back to see more about our trip to The Queen's Treasures. After trying on all the shoes I had pulled, I started really looking around at everything. Pyewacket was always close by. Yes, I know the original Pyewacket is a siamese kitty, but the name really seems to fit and she answers to it.

Outside the Shoe Department

You can find all sorts of furniture at The Queen's' Treasures. It's really sturdy too. I like this loft bed and desk. Pyewacket climbed up easily.
The Victorian Day bed is really pretty. Kaya would love the green bedding.
The fainting couch is very comfy!
Julie was surrounded with puppies. Her day bed has purple bedding. Melody's quilt would look great on it. Pyewacket seemed at ease with all the dogs.
Caroline invited me to tea. She told me all about a spiced friendship tea. Will have to check that out. I did eat one of the tasty cupcakes offered.
The new Little House sets were awesome. The horses are so friendly.

The butter churn is my favorite piece. Not the barrel style Xyra uses at the folk festival, but fun.
Samantha and I talked about the Madison Avenue outfit. She likes it a lot and noticed I was wearing the jacket earlier.
The Salvation Army Doughnut Girl Uniform looks awesome. I wish I had someplace to wear it.
Some of the beds are in little apartments with Murphy beds. Pyewacket liked this one. So did I - it's pink!
I'm not sure why this winter outfit made me think of Shivan and Louisa. Mia likes it and says it's very toasty.
I remember this silver dress from Melody's trip. It's really pretty. Celia looked great in it.
Okay, so this style bed would fit our house better. The girl told me this style is being replaced. I'm not sure how Pyewacket got up to the second bunk, but she looks cute. I think I'd bump my head on these.
Kanani is just as nice as Melody said. She offered me a coconut smoothie while I was checking out the different displays. She offered a chair too, but Pyewacket took it. (giggles)
So I tried out the next bed we found. I really like these bunk beds.
This white gown is pretty. Don't you think so, Pyewacket? (purrs)
Ooo! Neat! So much potential with these pieces.
Here's the Friendship Tea Caroline mentioned.
I think we should take some home.

This is the end of part B. Which display is your favorite? Which outfit was your favorite? Do you think we brought home any outfits?

See you again soon!


Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or The Queen's Treasures. Our travels took us to the store where we were granted permission to do a photo shoot and post. All photos and thoughts are our own. All links are provided for educational and informative purposes; no purchase is required to enjoy the post.  However, if something catches your eye the links will make finding items easier.


  1. Awesome!! I love Queen's Treasures. I've seen there stuff online. But never been to the store. :)

    1. They will be moving in the near future to a different building with a larger warehouse and a showroom. We're looking forward to checking it out when they are ready. :)

  2. I really like the silver dress, that would be great for a party coming up in January! Funny that you thought of Shivan and Louisa, that is a cute outfit...hmmmm...

    1. We have a shrug that will be nice for keeping the shoulders warm too. :)

      Roundabout thinking - you just featured a snowboard outfit and we just saw Louisa and Shivan at Coolspring where a jacket such as this can come in handy even in June... :-D