Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mini Adventure #13

The Cast Has Grown

Haley, Kaya'aton'my, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, 2 or more

Hi! Our mini family has grown since the last official Mini Adventure in August. You may have seen the latest members in the October post Madeline's New Clothes. Tama arrived first, but was not introduced until Madeline found her way here and needed some clothes to wear. 
It's awesome that Madeline, AG, LORI, and OG mini clothes are somewhat interchangeable. 
You know, some things fit better than others. 
Especially considering Madeline is 8 inches tall while the others are 6 inches.
They definitely have fun together. ;-)

Fun Find at the Hangout

Felicity, Holly, Madeline, Rebecca, Tama, 2 or more

Hey! Check it out! I found a gift basket!
A gift basket?
Well, it looks like one. Clear off the table so we can take a closer look.
Ooo! I love the color!
Let's see what's inside.
Rebecca, remember we found a cup like this last summer.
Yeah! Same color too. The tea looks a little different.
Last year was cinnamon plum.
This one is raspberry.
The spoon is almost as big as I am.
We can use it as a shovel.
Great find, Madeline!

Scene Notes

  • All beverages and foods are from the miWorld Mrs. Fields and AMC accessory packs.
  • Demitasse cup and accessories from The Queen's Treasures.
  • Wardrobe: Holly and Rebecca are wearing their meet outfits, Felicity's dress is last season from The Queen's Treasures, Tama and Madeline are wearing outfits pieced together from LORI sets.
  • Table and chairs are LORI outside patio furniture.

Do you have any minis? If yes, which ones? If no, are you looking to add one or more to your collection? Which ones?

Best wishes,


  1. 4 Mini gals living here--AG Isabelle and Julie and OG Lana and Sienna. I think I'm going to stop there, at this point they take up very little space, Izzy and Julie live in Kit's bedroom. The other two just hang out wherever. Plus the four of them fit nicely in the Mini.

    Love that demitasse cup!

    1. Nice group. Zarya may join the group yet since she is Tama's best friend. The funny thing about that is of all the LORI doll bios Tama and Zarya are the only ones to declare best friends. :) Good point about transportation...we need to find a mini van for our crew. ;-)

      More about the cup later this week.