Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Burrow Home

Not the Burrow Home

Kaya'aton'my', Melody, both

We did not stumble upon the Weasley's homestead.

But A Burrow Home

We did find a neat little home after a portion of the wall in front of our house was removed.
Check out our exploration from this morning.

Earlier Today

Hey, Kaya! Come check this out!
They took away part of the wall yesterday and you can see the soil.
Look at all the roots.
And the tunnels. Someone lost a protected home.
Doesn't look like any bedding.
Still, there are rooms.
This reminds me of the small animal exhibits at the zoo.
Yeah! But no safety glass.

Yikes, it's starting to rain.
Let's get inside.
I wonder what will happen to this corner of soil today?
Guess we'll find out after school.

Have you ever seen a natural habitat? Do you know what was living there?

Best wishes,


  1. We have a toad living in one of our built in planters, you can see his entry hole. I guess he's hoping to keep warm for the winter! We had a big tree fall over at our old house a few years ago and you could see where squirrels and chipmunks had been living throughout the root system.

    1. That's so neat! Our apple tree was pretty hollowed out by residents. It pushed up a sapling so we kept that and had the tree taken down before it could fall (it would have fallen into the road).