Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans' Day 2015

Happy Veterans' Day!

A huge THANK YOU to ALL Veterans! In fact, we can't thank you enough.
If you have a Veteran in your family or circles, don't forget to say thank you and, if possible, give him or her a big hug or handshake.

A Special Group

Okay, so you have to know that all Veterans in all branches and levels of the armed forces are important and contribute everything they can to the success of their unit. There are many that have been singled out for special recognition in books, documentaries, movies, TV shows, websites, etc. 

Today I want to mention the Code Talkers. Native American service men who used their native language to help communication In World War I and World War II.  A lot of codes were being broken easily because they were based in the English language. The American forces looked for something that would help. Both times Native Americans helped stump enemy eavesdroppers.

In World War I, the men were Choctaw

One of the sad parts of their story is that the government didn't even consider these men citizens of the United States.

Are you serious? Seriously?! No way!

Sad, but t true.  In World War II, Chocktaw was becoming recognized and the Navajo Code Talkers stepped up to the plate or mic.
They weren't supposed to have learned their language let alone use it. I'm really glad they did.

Yeah. Me too. Wow!

For more information, you can read more about the Choctaw group here and here or watch interviews with Navajo Code Talkers and read about a modern Marine following in his grandfather's footsteps.
Photo from Marines Blog

Again to ALL

To all branches and members of the service and every group of Veterans...THANK YOU!

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  1. Thanks for this informative post and tribute to the Veterans who have served our country since it began. We don't often learn that the first Americans were not considered citizens even while serving as code talkers. The girls look great in the photos too.

  2. Our government is learning thanks to posts like this one that we do value one another as Americans and that citizenship is still one of the most precious things a person can call their own. Thanks to all who served especially when there was no recognition.