Monday, February 9, 2015

Into the Wardrobe

Project Finally Finished


Lanie, Melody, both
Hey, Lanie!
Have you seen this before?
Not quite like this. It's finished now.
Oh, right! Last year, Xyra picked this out to make a wardrobe for us.
Yeah. Let's check it out.
Oooo! There's a new outfit inside.
And compartments...
Love the basket!
Isn't this dress pretty? I can totally see you wearing it.
In the book there is a bow and space for more goodies.
And in the basket a neat purse.
I wonder how many things we can fit in here?
I hope a lot.

New Outfit

The new outfit Melody and Lanie found in the new wardrobe is the Our Generation Boho Beauty outfit. We will tell you more about it in an upcoming post. This is a great set for mixing and matching. It includes a dress, sweater vest, double wrap belt, shoulder bag, lace hair bow, and purple Mary Jane shoes.



I chose a large paper box with Velcro closure from Michael's
These are almost always on 40% markdown. Lots of great patterns and colors to choose from; many with Paris themes.


  • Rod: expanding curtain rod I picked up at Walmart - I used tacky glue to attached the brackets to the sides of the box. I highly suggest fixing the ends with the rod already attached because it takes a firm hand to put the rod on the hook and you could rip it off the side. Then I glued a wooden "u" over each bracket for added support. (Thank you very much to the other blogger who recently made a wardrobe using the "u"s and a dowel.)
  • Book: small paper box from Michael's
  • Drawer: The Queen's Treasures warehouse sale
  • Basket: Target Dollar Spot (still available)
  • Feet: 4 small plastic glasses from Dollar Tree (pack of 20 or so) - I want to glue craft foam or felt circles to the bottoms so it doesn't screech so much when moved.

Hope you like our new wardrobe.

Best wishes,


  1. I bet I could make a trunk for Arabella from one of those boxes and then make a matching wardrobe, like yours, from another! I will have to find her and measure her to make sure how long she is. She may be smaller than I think. Great project. I'm impressed. :)

    1. Thank you. I'm certain you could make a neat trunk for Arabella. There are bigger boxes available too so you could make an all inclusive place for her.

  2. Your box is so pretty and I love your thrifty ideas. Well done!

    1. Thank you. I did have a coupon that I had planned to use on the Springfeild doll trunk, but was not impressed with it, but when I saw the hydrangea on this box...

  3. This is so cool! Great idea.