Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fashion Review Plus

Our Generation Boho Beauty

The other day you saw sneak peek at this outfit hanging in our new wardrobe. Of course, we had to show it to you in more detail and do a Who Wears it Best.


The Boho Beauty outfit includes a dress, sweater vest, double wrap belt, tan shoulder bag, cream lace hair bow/clip, and Mary Jane shoes.
The purse is great. It opens and holds things. I put a hankie in it.
The package shows the model wearing the clip on the left, but the clip doesn't work that way. If I put it on the left it would be upside down. Or I'd have to try and clip in in backward.
This belt is great. I can think of a lot of uses for it.
Dark purple shoes - awesome! (And they are the molded style so they help with balance.)
(In back the dress closes with Velcro. It is the snaggy kind.)
This is a great outfit. However, we don't think it is as boho as it could be; more like preppy. So...

Who Wears it Best

Each of us tried to make this outfit more boho.


I kept the dress and belt from the Boho Beauty outfit then added knee socks, boots, a purple and brown bag, and a denim jacket.
AG Sweet Socks and Tights, AG Josefina's Riding Boots, Kay Jay's Doll Shoppe in OC-NJ, AG Coconut's Best Friend Outfit.


I went more simplistic and added my belt to the dress, a purple leather bag, and fringe boots.
Kaya's Meet Outfit, Kay Jay's Doll ShoppeSpringfield boots


This dress is really nice. I paired it with a pink quilted vest and black tights, flats, and bag.
OG Cabin Chic (vest and flats), AG Tights Set, gift with purchase from Victoria's Secret.


What's more boho than a poncho? I grabbed this dusty pink poncho and the bow toed boots (can you tell these are my favorite boots?). Finished the look off with the lace bow and tan shoulder bag. I wasn't quite sure if the purse strap should go over or under the poncho. What do you think?
AG Sightseeing Outfit, OG everything else


I didn't really want to do this shoot. I was ever so happy in the blue sweater. Oh, well, at least I could leave my tights on. Then I grabbed the new cowgirl boots, a matching metallic lavender belt, and white vest. How do I look?
OG Knock Your Boots Off, Pier 1 find, Haley's Meet Outfit (Note: This belt does not work as a single for Melody, but did double wrap for Haley - she is a Madame Alexander and has a slimmer body.)

That's everyone. Who do you think wears it best? Who looks the most boho?

Best wishes,

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  1. I love Kaya's look but Lanie comes in at second for me :)

  2. Lanie or Kaya wore it best!! That is such a pretty dress, and I love the belt. I need more belts for my dolls, they are super cute!

    1. It is a really lovely dress. The belt is one of the best pieces. I was thinking we need more belts too.

  3. Love the outfit! I think Lanie wore it best. :)

  4. I have been wanting to get this outfit for my Saige--very good review!
    Keep up the wonderful work!

    1. Thank you. :-) Saige would look fabulous in this.

  5. I like Kaya's interpretation the best. Cute dress!

    1. It really is a nice dress. The sleeves have elastic at the wrist so it goes on nicely.

  6. They all look good, but I like Kaya the best. :)

    1. Thank you. Looks like we're close to a tie in the voting. :)

  7. I think Melody looks the best. Cute outfit.

    1. Thank you. :)
      This set could easily be worked into a 70s outfit.The ruffles at the neck and sleeve, the Swiss dot pattern, and the saddle style bag.