Friday, February 6, 2015

Pet Introduction

New Kitty

Tea for TuTu

Hi! Looks like I get one more day this week. The others have been working on other projects. Mel and I have teamed up for another introduction of sorts and I'm looking forward to sharing that one too. For now, I didn't want you to miss our new kitty. She's a white Maine Coon and her full name is Tea for Two - we call her Tutu for short.
She and Lulu get along really well. It's kind of surprising because Maine Coons are really good hunters. Their original purpose was to travel on ships and take care of any rats aboard.
They are really big too. Did you see how big she is compared to our other kitties in the Kitten Bowl post? (I'll re-post that picture.) Mama cat is tiny compared to her; and the kitten...well, she's as big as Tutu's head. Licorice is almost as big. Rascal is half Tutu's size and Snip...Tutu barely noticed he was laying on her back.


What do you think of my outfit? It's comfy and warm. Well, I should find a pair of socks, but then I'd have to change my shoes and these are too cute.


Hat: Consignment store find
Sweatshirt: AG Cargo Outfit
Tee Shirt: Springfield Tee Shirt and Jeans
Skirt: gift from Gramma Enne
Leggings & shoes: AG Coconut Fun Outfit
Legwarmers: AG Isabelle's Legwarmers Set

Hope you are having a nice day!

Best wishes,


  1. My brother in law used to have a Maine Coon. His name was Woozel. He was huge and shockingly friendly. He was a total mouser and territorial so much so that when my oldest was little and toddled over to him every one panicked but Wooz just curled up with her to all of our shocks. It's interesting how they know who is the threat and who's not.

    1. I think of Maine Coons as the cool big brothers of the domestic cat family. Haven't had one, but a friend does and he's great. Some are better judges of character than others.