Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Coolspring October 2014 Part 2

Coolspring Power Museum

October 2014 Fall Expo

Hahahaha! I get the blog for a fourth day! Love it! When I was looking at the pictures there was one engine that I got to do a photo shoot with and I want to spotlight it in a stand alone post. :-D

As I mentioned yesterday, I walked up to town. On the way, my first stop was the Gift Shop.

Gift Shop

In the Coolspring Power Museum Gift Shop I got to meet some very nice ladies. They are friendly and happy to help. There is an area with free information about the museum and a few other nearby attractions. I made sure to take the 2015 schedule.
Another area is set aside for books and information and stationery about engines and Coolspring.
You can find tee shirts, sweat shirts, hats, and other great items. I found a cute puppy wearing it's own Coolspring tee. Isn't he cute? And "soooo FLUFFY!" (giggling)
Need a mug? Get one here; there are several styles from which to choose. Near the register you can get cookies. They are homemade.
We have one of these little engines. Can you see it in front of the photograph? It kind of blends in a bit. 
One of the great things about the gift shop is that the prophets go back into the museum. They helped finance the nice bathrooms and showers as well as the Snow project and so many other things.

General Store

The Coolspring General Store is awesome! Reminds me of the stores run by the Olesons and Godseys. (Have you seen Little House on the Prairie or The Waltons?) 

Except this one has porch swings so you can sit and visit. I've seen a few people so comfy they end up dozing off. 
Inside the shelves are lined with goods, groceries, souvenirs, books, antiques, and...
Lots of nice sweets to choose from. Of course, I wanted gummy bears...
And Swedish fish.
What would you pick?


After paying, Xyra and I headed back to the museum grounds. It was a nice day, made better when we happened upon "the jeep." Melody and Kaya had told me so much about it I had to check it out myself. 

Love it! 


We left the jeep and headed back to the Power Tech Annex where the Hvids were being worked on or running. 

It's really quite interesting to listen to the engines run; each has a slightly different sound. Xyra told me that she doesn't miss the radio while visiting here because the engines create a symphony all their own.

This is a 20 hp (horsepower) St. Mary's engine. 
Can you imagine a team (horses or oxen) hooked up to pull that to where it was needed to do its work? That's why it is on a cart, so it can be moved.

Tomorrow you'll see the photo shoot with The Windy City. That is a cool engine. I think it's my favorite.

Best wishes,


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