Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Warm and Stylish

Still Christmas

We are so very blessed to have generous, loving, and skilled friends. You saw the fabulous quilts we received from Lady Grey at Christmas. Well, we're still celebrating Christmas. What?! So very true! Xyra had lunch with Lady Webby and Lady Vanyer on Sunday to celebrate Christmas and birthdays...and we benefited.

New Knitwear

Today I want to show you the new sweater and cap Lady Vanyer knitted for me. Yes, I'll share with my sisters. Just not yet.
I love the colors, don't you? Looks great with the Cabin Chic denim skirt, Coconut Fun outfit grey leggings, and Haley's boots.

Oh, in  case you're wondering about ease of use...Lady Vanyer used three snaps on the back for closure. No snagging with that system. :-)

If you happen to be on Facebook, a version of this picture is the new Tea Time with Melody Q profile picture...for now.

Check back for these future posts: tea review, Lady Webby's gift, more tea to go, book reviews, and much more.

Best wishes,