Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tea Review: Bingley's Sweet Jane

Bingley's Teas

Pride And Prejudice Anniversary Notions Sampler

Sweet Jane

Kaya, Melody, both

Calling All Jane Austen Fans

I think it's time we tried another tea from the Pride and Prejudice Anniversary Notions Sampler.
We have two left, right? Which one?
Wedding...hmmm...I think we should try the Sweet Jane. What do you think?
Oh, yes. This sounds yummy. "Floral green jasmine meets sweet vanilla black tea. Tea of an angel according to Mr. Bingley." 
Perfect for a cold day.
Let's get the kettle on!
Smells wonderful. can see the green leaves with the black.
Two teaspoons of leaves for half a pot?
That sounds right.
Water in and timer set.
Look at the color already! 
And the leaves dance so nicely together.
Ready to pour!
This has great color to it. Smells very nice too.
The jasmine rises well. I wonder how it tastes? First try with nothing added, right?
Sure thing. This is really good. The green and black mix well.
Yeah, they do.
Second try with honey. 
Yeah, yeah. 
Hmmm, the honey accents the green tea. Brings out the jasmine.
Mmm, I agree. 
Third try just white sugar.
Neat, this accents the black tea.
Yeah, brings out a malty flavor.
Last try with white sugar and 1% milk. Not sure about this one; it masks the flavors... 
But does make the vanilla a bit more creamy. Still, I think it's best without milk.
(nodding in agreement)
The best can be resteeped and looks as good as the first time.
Yes, it does. And I bet it would taste really good with an emergency scone.
I bet! Let's have some!

Xyra's Notes

Our little glass pot holds 3 cups of water. Typically you add one teaspoon for every 8 ounces of water that's why we use 2 teaspoons for half a pot of tea.

So far Sweet Jane is my favorite of the four blends in Bingley's Teas Pride and Prejudice Anniversary Notions Sampler. The vanilla is present, but not overwhelming. The jasmine pairs well with the vanilla. Neither green nor black tea compete with each other, but blend into a smooth cup. I re-steeped these leaves two times after the original tasting; I did not add new leaves, but added a minute to the steeping time. All three steepings produced a full-body, floral, creamy flavor. The last two I drank plain (no sweetener).

The scones were made with Trader Joe's Triple Berry Scone mix. 

Who is your favorite female character from Jane Austen's books? Why?

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or Bingley's Teas. We met representatives from Bingley's Teas at The Philly Coffee and Tea Festival in November and purchased the sampler at that time. The above review is unsolicited and reflects our own opinions. All links provided are for educational and informative purposes; no purchase is required.



  1. Ooh sounds delicious! There sight is really nice, it appears they have a lottt to choose from! Which is awesome, still nothing for Northanger Abbey though :(
    That's my favourite book of Jane's. Great review!
    Keep up the wonderful work, I always love reading your posts.

    1. Thank you. :-) They do have a nice site and lots of wonderful blends. Maybe they are working on Northanger Abbey to add soon. Let's hope.

  2. Wow! Great post! I love tea too - it's just so relaxing and soothing. :)

    - Ellie

    1. Thank you. Totally agree tee is soothing and relaxing. :-)