Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A Snowy Discussion

Lanie, Melody, both

Look at all the snow!
It's pretty; it's even sparkling like someone dumped white glitter.
But it's soooo cold.
Well, you didn't wear a coat...
I know.I should have grabbed the cape...You know, I'm worried about Xyra's sorting and tossing trend.
Why's that?
What if that means no new goodies for us?
(laughing) You don't have to worry about that. If she doesn't get tired of all the sorting she has to do at work to move into her new area and continues to sort at home it means more room for us and our stuff.
Besides, if I hadn't chosen warmth over fashion you'd see our new outfit.
I do love those leggings, boots, and socks.
Thanks, Mel!
Anytime, Lanie!

Xyra Note

Lots of changes with my desk area. Since I'm moving to a smaller area I'm sorting through everything. It's kind of fun because I get to see some fun things I've collected. It's also sad because the old area had the most natural light and I could get great pictures looking out over the field. You've see the location in many posts. Until I am fully ensconced in the new area, posting will be a bit sporadic. Stay tuned in though - lots of fun stuff to come.

Have you ever moved? What were the best things about moving?

Best wishes,


  1. I've been lucky to have only moved 3 times as an adult. The last time we moved, we downsized and we are still trying to get rid of stuff almost 5 years later. Good luck!

    1. Xyra here - Yikes! If I could just get rid of the useless paper that would be a great help (at work and at home). :-)

  2. I love Melody's hair! They both look so cute!:)

    1. Thank you. I saw this great video for a new pony tail style on Facebook. It didn't quite go the same way, but I like the result. :-)

  3. I found two more boxes (still not the one I was looking for) of doll stuff this weekend...I'm actually considering a potential yard sale in the spring. (Gasp)