Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tea Review: Fashionista Tea

Fashionista Tea

Haley, Kirsten, both, Xyra

Kirsten's Teastro?

The new American Girl of the Year, Grace, has a bistro set. I thought I'd set up a teastro.
Okay, it's not a word - I made it up myself. It's a combination of a tea room and bistro. 
Tea rooms have a lovely style all their own, just like the tea we are reviewing today - Fashionista Tea
The one thing my tea room is awesome chair. Anyone know where I can find a comfy wing back?
Kirsten! Are you ready?
Be right there!

Organic Creamy Earl Grey

(Back in the kitchen...)
What are we steeping today?
Fashionista Tea's Organic Creamy Earl Grey.
What makes it creamy?
A touch of French vanilla.
Is that why you're wearing a beret?
(giggling) Yes, and I think this would be the perfect tea or thé for Grace to pair with her pastries.
Okay. Sounds good. 
Let's get to it. Open the tin.
Melody and Xyra brought home the sachets for this blend.
The sachets are really neat!
Yes! They are made from biodegradable silk and are pyramid shaped to allow the leaves more room to unfold during steeping.
Look at the shoe on the tag!
Oh! Cute! Leopard print heel. I wish I had known, I'd have worn the leopard flats.
Leopard and floral?
No, I'd have worn a different skirt. Oh, well.
Into the pot it goes.
It's turning a lovely deep brown in color.
Maybe we should say deep amber-brown.
While we wait, let's show the Fashionista Tea card.

(timer beeping) It's done!
Looks fabulous.
Smells good too. The bergamot and French vanilla seem to compliment each other well in aroma. Let's see how it tastes.
Very nice. A little sweet and still bold. 
I bet this would hold up well with a bit of raw sugar and milk.
Yes, I was right.
You were! This is great - extra creamy.

Xyra's Notes

  • If you regularly follow our tea reviews, you'll know we aren't that fond of vanilla in tea blends. Many times it is overwhelming and artificial tasting. The vanilla in Fashionista Tea's Organic Creamy Earl Grey is not. However, as it cools, the vanilla does take over. The entire flavor of the blend shifts when lukewarm and especially when cold. Personally, I liked it much better hot - it made me think of being wrapped in a super soft, cozy, fleece blanket. 
  • We tried a second steeping with the original sachet. The results were very good, but I don't think I'd go over 2 uses per sachet.
  • The Earl Grey presence is firm. If you are not an Earl Grey fan, you may not enjoy this blend.

Do you like vanilla teas? If yes, what is your favorite brand/blend?

Best wishes,

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with Fashionista Tea (or American Girl). We found and purchased the above tea at the Philly Coffee and Tea Festival. The review is unsolicited and all opinions are our own. Links provided are for educational and informational purposes; no purchase is required.



  1. You need "smellovision" with these posts! I too find it interesting how different flavors change as they cool. I made a peanut butter hot chocolate a few nights ago that changed each time I took a sip!

    1. I know what you mean. I haven't quite figured out how to describe the different aroma.

      Peanut butter hot chocolate sounds interesting. Where did you find that? Maybe we'll look at some hot chocolate in February...after National Hot Tea Month. :)

      Unfortunately I didn't have any peanuts or whipped cream when I made it :( But it was still good. Sheetz (a convenience store chain around here) sells it, and I was hungry for theirs but didn't want to go out in the cold. This worked as a good substitute.

    3. We have a Sheetz card! Though there are more Wawas in our area. Sounds like we could have a meet and greet sometime.

  2. Teastro! - What a cute idea!

  3. Love your Teastro!!!!! I haven't been to a tea room in so long!!!! I will have to grab some friends and find a good one!

  4. Yummy! I love tea! I really like this candy cane tea that my family gets around winter!:)

    1. Candy cane tea sounds like a very nice winter tradition.

  5. Thank you Melody Q & Haley. xoxoxox from FashionistaTea, we are happy you enjoyed our Creamy Earl Grey!

  6. We're so happy you enjoyed the review. :-)

  7. Currently living on the teastro! We may be able to make a set of chairs out of fabric, batting and cardboard if you want. Maybe some wood blocks for feet...trying to think what would work. But this is good; now I have something to think about other than being pathetic and sick...

    1. I was looking at the OG website and the one living room chair and table are still available on Target's website. Not a wing back, but still fun. I keep picturing the chair from Masterpiece Theater introductions or when A&E was really A&E. LOL

  8. I'm certainly not a fan of vanilla in my coffee and I have never had it in tea. I only drink Earl Grey with brownies or chocolate cake, so the vanilla in this might very well compliment that pairing. Did you buy this on the internet? I just found out that Eastern Shores makes an Earl Grey. I don't know if it is new, or if I just missed it on the shelf before. I bought several new ES flavors recently, and actually found one that I love without dairy: Peach Green Tea. I add a little extra sugar though. :)

    1. The vanilla in this tea is very subtle and natural. Some of the other brands use artificial vanilla. I was introduced to the Fashionista brand at the coffee and tea festival, but they do have an online catalog.