Monday, January 5, 2015

Kaya Out & About 1

My Turn

Hi! September and October were really crazy months around here. When we were looking at pictures over the holiday break, I saw a couple of adventures I want to share with you.

Towne Book Center and Cafe

Shortly after BeForever was released we realized we wanted the original books in our personal library. Xyra offered to take me to the Towne Book Center and Cafe to see what they had in stock.

We found the American Girl section. 
We have the McKenna, Isabelle, Kit, and Saige books and the Rebecca mystery. However, we did find a Felicity mystery and one of Rebecca's books to add to our collection. This may be harder than we thought.

Then I found the Goddess Girl books, but they didn't have book 2. Oh, well. The associate did mention she could order it for us. I'm glad they can do that.

I did find something for Melody's birthday. 
Isn't it cute? She love hedgers. Please don't tell her.

We could have spent all day here - just love bookstores and libraries.

Do you have a local bookstore you like?

Best wishes,


  1. That hedgehog is adorable! We have a nice bookstore here at the mall, it's in an old Waldenbooks repurposed, the owner is super. I also found out from a friend about another one just over the Ohio border that I'm going to have to check out. Bookstores are fun!

    1. Yes, they really are. I could hang out in the bookstore all day long. It's really nice that you have two nearby. Towne is one of several near us.

  2. Bookstores are so addicting!

    1. Very much so. We rarely leave with only one book in hand.

  3. Cute hedgehog!;) Kaya looks adorable!:)

    1. Thanks. I really like Kit's overalls outfit or hobo outfit. It can be mixed and matched with a lot of different things.