Friday, January 16, 2015

Melody's Birthday 2015 Part 3

Package Arrives

Kaya, Melody, both, Xyra

Hey, Mel! Remember what Nana Kestrel said when you opened Addy's Summer Plaid?
Yeah, something else was coming, and to watch for packages.
It's here!
Really?! Cool!
Go ahead and open it!
Look at the packaging. The kitties will love these.
Oh! Neat! It's the Silly Monkey outfit we liked! 
Thank you, Nana Kestrel!
Looks awesome! Go try it on.
Josefina's riding boots.
Oh, yeah!
(A few minutes pass) do I look?

Fabulous! It's a bit chilly for short sleeves.
I know. I'm going to grab the tan cardigan.
Perfect addition. I get to wear it next. 
You'll look awesome in this outfit.
When it's warmer we have to try on the cute green outfit Gramma Enne sent for Christmas.
Absolutely. Can we winterize spring and summer wardrobe pieces?
I'll google it!
Thank you for the outfits Nana Kestrel and Gramma Enne!

Do you think it's fun to get packages delivered?

[Xyra note: The outfit above does not seem to be on the website anymore - it was available in early December. Their outfits are ever changing. Currently there are quite a few Frozen inspired items.]

Best wishes,


  1. What an adorable outfit! It really suits you, Melody :)

    1. Thank you. I love the colors. It is a snug fit on me. It will fit Haley differently and maybe Lanie too.

  2. We love getting packages in the mail! They are so much fun to open, especially if they are doll related.