Friday, January 2, 2015

Tea Review: Cinnamon Plum/Sugar Plum

Dual Review

Lanie, Melody, both, Xyra

Ashby's of London and Capital Teas

Today we thought we'd look at two different Cinnamon Plum blends.
Mine is Ashby's of London Cinnamon Plum.

Mine is Capital Teas Cinnamon Sugar Plum.

The Capital Teas blend is an herbal fruit tisane. It's loose. Doesn't it look great? 
Didn't you get that at the Philly Coffee and Tea Festival?
Yes, we did.  
Ashby's is a black tea blend in a tea bag.
We're going to make a half pot - 2 cups of the Cinnamon Sugar Plum. So I added 2 1/2 teaspoons of tea.
Now, I've added the water and set the timer for 9 minutes.
Look at how it dances. So much fun!
I poured the water over the tea bag...
and set my timer for 4 minutes.
Mine finished first.  It is a lovely deep brown color.
It smells wonderful.
Yes, it does. Like a plum tart.
[timer beeping]
Mine is done. Wow! It smells fruity and spicy.
It's red in color.
Here you can see the difference.
The Ashby's flavor is very subtle without any sweetener. 
Might make a nice iced tea in summer.
The Capital's flavor is bold with cinnamon.
Very bold.
We added a bit of sugar in the raw to both. To the Ashby's it adds another dimension to the flavors.
To the Capital's it softens the boldness without taking away anything from the tisane.
Then we tried to add some milk.
Uh-oh! Not a good thing for the Capital's blend. The milk instantly curdled.
I'm glad we have more in the pot. Hey, try adding honey this time.
Oh, this is quite lovely. The honey is better than the sugar. Don't your think?
Yeah. The honey blends better with the herbs.
Overall, both blends are really good. If you like a black tea. Go with the Ashby's Cinnamon Plum. You can get it in bags or you can get it loose.
If you prefer a spicy fruit, herbal tisane; go for the Capital's Tea Cinnamon Sugar Plum blend. Don't forget herbal tisanes are naturally decaffeinated.

Do you like fruity teas? What is your favorite?

Best wishes,

Note: We are not affiliated with either Ashby's or Capital Teas. All opinions are unsolicited and our own. All links provided are for further education and information. No purchase is suggested or required. Also...if you do not like cinnamon or are allergic to any of the blends' ingredients, do NOT try either.

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