Monday, January 26, 2015

Grateful Blogger Tag/Award

Ever So Very Thankful

During the fall award season, two lovely bloggers nominated Tea Time with Melody Q for the Grateful Blogger Award or Tag. We are ever so thankful to be nominated by Christian Homeschooler and Guinea Pig Lover; and for Ginny and June who created this award.

The Rules:

  • Add the tag above to your sidebar or awards page. Thank the person/people who nominated you; they will surely appreciate it! Also leave a link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Write about ten (10) things for which you are thankful. Here is the tricky part - you can't just say you are grateful for gum or video games or whatever "little" thing it is you want to discuss. Think deeply about what is really, really important to you such as family, or life in and of itself. Explain why you are thankful for those things.
  • Tag ten (10) bloggers; our goal is to tag everyone! Comment on the blogs you nominate so that they will know that they were tagged!

The Big Ten (not football related)

  1. My family and friends who support me in big and small ways. They bring such joy to my life.
  2. My fur family. The unconditional love they provide is beyond measure.
  3. Being able to share the talents God gave me in fun ways like this blog and choir.
  4. Music. That seems so generic, but if you love music too, then you understand how it touches the soul and can celebrate the good times and keep you going through bad. Giving additional spice to life.
  5. This tag - it is making us look further into ourselves than we normally would. I think I'm trying too hard though.
  6. Books and movies - these can take me all over the world and through time and space. Fantasy, fiction, mystery, science fiction...they whisk me away from the horrors on the nightly news.
  7. God's love...God is ever with us, though sometimes we may not be quite as aware as other times. 
  8. People who give their time helping others. I don't have the talent to be a nurse or a missionary or veterinarian, but I am thankful for those who have these special skills.
  9. The changing seasons. Each season brings its own set of colors to the world - bright and dark, warm and cold.
  10. The doll collection/blogging community. Seeing all ages come together supporting each other is beautiful. So I am very thankful for all the blogs out there, my followers, my fellow bloggers, those who leave comments, and my inspiration.
  11. Like Spinal Tap (random movie reference), i am going to 11. I am ever so thankful for patience. I don't always have it, but I am grateful when I do and for those around me that do also. Particularly when it comes to posting responses to awards.

Thank you again for nominating me for this award.

My Nominations

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If you have already received this tag, then you don't have to re-post it.

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  1. Actually, The Big Ten (B1G) is a college basketball conference! :P Silly mistake. Oops!


    1. :-D
      The Big Ten Conference includes all collegiate sports (mens and womens) for the 14 member schools. Football is currently on my mind because the bowl games finished up earlier this month.
      I should have said, "Not sports related." :-)

    2. Oh, okay! :)