Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tea Review: New Soltsice Brews 2

Hobbit Hearthwarmer 

Second Try

Kirsten, Lanie
(sleepily) What?
I need you.
What for? It's still early?
We have the corrections for the Hobbit Hearthwarmer and I want to surprise Xyra.
Okay. Let me get my slippers.

I have the glass pot and Katherine's instructions right here. I'll read and you do the brewing.
So we were waaaayyyyy off on the measurements. We need 2 teaspoons per cup and Xyra's travel mug holds 2 cups.
Got it...4 teaspoons of tea in the pot.

Set the timer for 5 minutes.
It's looking a lot better than our first try already.
Done! Let's taste it before we get Xyra's travel mug ready.
Sounds good to me.
Still smells wonderful. All the spices wake me up and relax me at the same time.
This is really good without anything in it at all.
You're right.
But it is still so very creamy and comforting with a little milk.

Second try...SUCCESS!
The cinnamon and other spices that are in this blend make it very comforting - like hot cocoa - but tea. 

What do you like to drink on dreary days (weather wise or emotionally)?

Best wishes!



  1. Cute photo story. I love the smell of cinnamon!

    1. Thank you. This was just the right amount of cinnamon too. I'm glad we got it right the second time. Now we know what we are doing. :-)