Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pleasant Surprises

Package at the Door

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, Xyra, 2 or more

Hey, guys! Look. 
We have a package.
Who's it from?
Great Auntie Mame!
Neat! What is it?
I'll open it.

No way!
It's a lacrosse* uniform!
Is there anything else in the box?
A lacrosse sitck! My own crosse!
Now we can both play!
I'm going to get mine.
Toss it here. 
I'll try to be gentle.
Got it!
Um, I don't think you should throw in the house.
Hey, you two! Don't play ball in the house!
(giggling) Told ya.
You should try the uniform on.
I bet she looks great in it.
Woo hoo!
You look great.
And fully outfitted too!

Many Thanks

Thank you very much, Auntie Mame!

Have you received any fun surprises lately?  What is your favorite type of surprise?

Best wishes,

* Xyra Note
The above link providing information on the history of lacrosse has language that construes a male bias and lack of understanding of women's lacrosse. The article, while written in 1994, states, "Ironically, the field lacrosse game of nonnative women today most closely resembles the Indian game of the past, retaining the wooden stick, lacking the protective gear and demarcated sidelines of the men's game, and tending towards mass attack rather than field positions and offsides." 

As a lacrosse player of that time and I can assure you that we had defined field positions as well as defensive and offensive plays. The game did not focus on "mass attack." I can confirm that our only safety equipment was the mouthguard and that we did not have field limits with the exception of keeping the spectators, teammates, scorekeepers, and statisticians out of play and safe.

It is my personal observation that men's lacrosse focuses more on smash, bang, mass attack style of play and that women's lacrosse requires more finesse. So I am providing additional links on the "herstory" of Women's Lacrosse.

Both men's and women's lacrosse are steeped in our Native Americcan heritage and are wonderful to participate in as well as watch.


  1. Your lacrosse outfit is awesome! Looks like Kaya and Melody had fun. I had a surprise mini vacation.

    1. They really did.
      Surprise mini vacations are fun too! Where did you go?

  2. Wow, that's a great surprise! The dolls look really cute!

    1. :-) We'll have to work on a team photo or something similar.