Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tea Review: Harney & Sons English Breakfast

Which Tea Today?

Harney & Sons 

English Breakfast Tea Bag Tea

I need a cuppa. Xyra, I'm going to make tea! 
Sounds good!
What flavor? ... Maybe one of these Harney & Sons teas
We have a small sampling of six different blends: Tropical Green, Red Raspberry, Darjeeling Highlands, Earl Grey Supreme, Decaffeinated Ceylon, and English Breakfast
They all sound really good, but...I think...I'm in the mood for...English Breakfast today.

Kettle on...check. Water ready...check. Pour over bag and steep 5 minutes...check. Voila! a beautiful dark tea.
Squeeze the bag and set aside.
Hmmm,...the agave should be good...and milk. Stir it up.
First sip...
Wow! That is interesting. Kind of smoky and maybe a little fruity. Super tasty.

Blend Note

Just because a tea blend is called English Breakfast does not mean it will taste the same as another brand's English Breakfast. A basic recipe may be followed to create a certain type of blend, but they won't taste exactly the same because one company may use tea leaves from a different region than another. The Harney & Sons blend uses Chinese Keemun black tea leaves in their blend. Many times English Breakfast teas are kind of bland. This one is not; it has a little extra boldness that really wakes you up in the morning. It can easily be enjoyed all day long too.

Enjoy your cuppa! I did. 

Best wishes,

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  1. Sweet! I love the color of the tea!! :)
    Grace xxx ♥

    1. Did you know you can use tea to dye cloth? It makes bright whites look antique.

  2. Cool! Glad Kaya likes the tea! :)