Thursday, May 8, 2014

Danielle's Espresso Cafe

No, We Haven't Switched to Coffee

Haley, Kaya, Kirsten, Lanie, Melody, Xyra, Danielle, 2 or more

But Perhaps a Chai Latte

Xyra has many beautiful and talented sorority sisters. One has a great coffee house/cafe in Maple Glen, PA. It's called Danielle's Espresso Cafe, LLC. We haven't switched to drinking coffee, but she has something for everyone. 

[You a fan of that other guy's secret menu? If you tell Danielle's staff the details (you can google the recipe), they can make it too (but do you really want that much sugar in your drink?).]

Our Day At Danielle's

It is so cool to finally be here. I had wanted to come down for my birthday, but that plan...well, you know. Now we're finally here! Yippee!
And we're spending the whole day.
I know. So cool!
Did you see the tea list? 
And syrup flavors?
And check out the baked goods!
Everything looks so tasty, I can't make up my mind.
I'm having the butterscotch scone. (Not pictured they are to the left of the bagels with the muffins)
I think I want a bagel.
Maybe some biscotti?
How do you take your tea? I bet she has what you need right here.
You know she does. Even soy milk as an option.
[Note: We all had the Lucky Irish Breakfast tea in the morning. Switched to the fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea in the afternoon.]
So many great places to sit. You could sit at a table with chairs or a high table with stools.
Let's sit here first. This chair is so comfy and the corner makes it nice for talking.
I love this song. I wonder if it's radio or CDs?
I just heard the ID for Sirius XM radio Coffee House channel.
That's perfect!
I should have brought the WiFi.
This couch is awesome.
All squashy.
So what is your favorite sandwich from the menu?
Ham and brie. (Melody & Kirsten giggling)
Tuna salad.
Chicken salad.
Does anyone want to read?
I forgot my book.
It's okay, we can look at these.
Hey, look you can purchase coffee and tea as a gift or to take home too.

Even little bottles of the syrups.
You know what we need to do?

What's that?
Our Camp Doll Diaries pre-registration forms.
Do you think we can get in a cabin together?
Not sure. Pass me a pen, please.
Make sure mine reads no allergies.
It would be easier if you did your own form.
(Kirsten and Lanie giggling)
Time to go.
Oh, no. Can't we stay?
Sorry, Danielle has an event this evening. We don't want to be in the way.
(sad faces on all)
Bye, Danielle! Thanks for a great day!
Bye, girls! Thanks for stopping in. Come again soon.

Do you have a favorite place to hang out? Where is it? Why is it your favorite?

If you happen to live in the Maple Glen area, Danielle's is in the Giant shopping center where Limekiln Pike meets Welsh and Norristown Roads. Check it out; I bet you'll love it too!

Best wishes,



  1. I can only imagine how much time it takes you to set up all these pictures!

    1. Some take longer than others. These were actually pretty quick. :-)

  2. It looks like the dolls had fun there and I like all of their outfits!