Monday, May 12, 2014

Road Trip: Lanie & the Bridgeview

Want to Get Away?

Everyone wants to get away now and then. Some place fun and relaxing and still unique. That's what we did this weekend; packed up the truck and headed west to meet friends.

[Note: Because of the unique scenery surrounding The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast it was difficult to capture both foreground and background plus look "live." I didn't realize I had the flash on, because it didn't flash in the sunlight. I turned it off when the clouds rolled in and I realized it was on.]

The Bridgeview Experience

I was so excited when Xyra announced the latest road trip. I volunteered right away; then ran to pack my bag. I took too much and forgot a few things, but it all worked out.

The Bridgeview Bed & Breakfast is not that far away from us. It is nestled along the Susquehanna River in Marysville, PA and offers regular train sightings because it is really close to the Rockville Bridge and Enola yard.


It rained on and off during our trip there, but when we arrived it was bright and sunny. We found our friends on the deck. then we found our room, unpacked quickly, and headed back to the deck. We didn't have long to wait for the first train.

Here it comes.
[Gee, to quote Hermione Granger, "Is that what my hair looks like from behind?" Well, it was windy.]
Wasn't that cool?

The clouds started to roll over us again. We took these pictures before I had to go inside.

But we could still watch the trains from a great viewing room. Check these out. You can see the rain falling.


Sunday was GORGEOUS! We started the day with some Bigelow Earl Grey and fabulous French toast. 
Then we took another cuppa to the deck.
It was so nice out I just had to go exploring before the trains started coming again. This is the view from the upper deck
Toward the bridge.
The lower deck has a great swing.
I took this picture from the swing.
Then we went down to water.
This is a different view of the trains.

Then we went back to the swing for a bit.

Back up on the top deck...same train. Cute turtle sculpture.

While many of the locomotives were the regular black and white ones, sometimes a special Heritage unit would be in the mix.
Or a passenger train.
This really awesome Veterans one went by later in the day.
Soon we had to say goodbye. So it was back to Juniata to pack up.
Bye, Bridgeview
Hope to see you again soon!

HUGE THANKS to the inn keeper for a great place to stay! And more thanks to our friends for inviting us back in January and now!

Do you like road trips? Where are your favorite places to go?

Best wishes, 



  1. Awesome photo shoot! My favorite places to go are Tennessee, AG Place, and I really want to go to Florida.

    1. Thank you. I haven't been to an AG place yet. Florida is a lot of fun. So many things to see and do...not just Disney and Universal (although, I'd really like to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter).