Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MagNeoBio & Liebster Awards

Thank You for the Nominations!

Oh. My! Time has passed so quickly. My apologies to Aliah, LuLu, and Marisa for taking so long to respond to the questions posed.

Double MagNeoBio

Aliah and Marisa

1.      Who’s your favorite book character and why?
I have too many. The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Qwill with Koko and Yum Yum, Miss Marple,...They all have to make observations about what is happening and think about what to do next.
2.      What’s your favorite post to write? (Photo story, review, craft, etc.)
Photo stories
3.      If you could travel to any time period where would you go and why?
As long as I don't have to stay any length of time then I wouldn't mind visiting colonial Philadelphia to see the members of the Continental Congress who declared the USA and created our Constitution.
4.      If you had a million dollars, what would you use it for?
House repairs, retirement fund, donations to church and a few other deserving organizations.
5.      Summer or Winter?
6.      Favorite dessert?
Chocolate cake or cherry cheese cake
7.      Favorite ice cream flavor?
8.      Favorite character from a Disney movie? (coughOlafcough)
Gus Gus from Cinderella
9.      Best part about blogging?
Making new friends
10.  Favorite movie?
Another long list but topping the list are Gigi, Gidget, and 1776
11.  Favorite color?

1.      Reading or writing?
2.      Anna or Elsa? (Frozen)
3.      Do you like my blog?
Yes, I do.
4.      Do you have any AG dolls? If so, which ones?
AGOT: Melody, Historicals: Kaya and Kirsten, GOTY 2010 Lanie
5.      What is your favorite thing to do?
Dance, read, write, sing, shop
6.      Favorite book?
Another long list, but there is one called Just Jenifer by Janet Lambert that is very special to me.
7.      Books or movies?
8.      What is your favorite hairstyle?
9.      Favorite thing about blogging?
Making new friends
10.  If you had 3 wishes what would you ask for?
Be careful what you wish may not be as you expected.
11.  Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
Harry Potter

Double Liebster

Aliah and LuLu

 1.   How many followers do you have? 33
2.      Goals for you or your blog? 100 followers, to still be blogging several years from now.
3.      Favorite classic novel?  The Five Little Peppers 
4.      Youtube or Blogger? Why? Blogger; I have an older computer so the stop motions and videos do not play well.
5.      Your favorite doll that you do not have? Either A Girl for All Time or one of the Makies I have designed.
6.      Do you have a pet? If you do not, tell me what pet you would want to have. Yes, 6 cats and 1 house bunny
7.      What dolls do you have? I have a relatively large collection many have not appeared on the blog. Barbies, Cabbage Patch, Dazzle, Glamour, Timey Tell, Chrissy, and a few others.
8.      If you could paint the world one color, what would it be?
Wouldn't want to. Want to know why? Next time you are at a sunglasses booth try on a pair of blue or green or looks cool for a while, but gets tiresome. The world is a myriad of colors for a reason.
9.      Flats or gym shoes? Why? Both. Want to look stylish, but you also never know when you have to do a bit of running.
10.  How is your day going? Well, thank you.

1.       Why did you name your blog what you did? I love tea and I love dolls, so combined the two.
2.       What is your favorite doll (that you have)? Melody
3.       What doll do you want next? One of the Makies I've designed.
4.       What is your favorite song? Jolly Roger by Adam and the Ants
5.       Do you like Ever After High dolls? Yes.
6.       What is your favorite color? Pink
7.       Dogs or cats? Both
8.       Inside or outside? Both
9.       Country or city? Suburbs
10.   Goals for your blog? 100 followers and to be still blogging in several years.

My Nominations

If you are a blogger with less than 35 followers, know that I follow you, and you have not been nominated during this award season for either of these awards please consider yourself nominated and post about them on your blog. I nominate you, my friend.

These are my Liebster Award questions for you:
1. How many blogs do you follow?
2. Do you plan you posts ahead of time?
3. Favorite Disney animal character?
4. Radio, MP3, or Pandora?
5. X-Men or Avengers?
6. Favorite spring activity?
7. Favorite vacation spot?
8. Favorite picnic food?
9. Have you ever read the origin tales on which the Disney movies are based? [ex. Do you think you will read Hans Christian Andersen's Ice Queen (Frozen)?]
10. Favorite pizza topping?
11. Have you ever hosted a tea party for your friends?

These are my MagNeoBio questions for you:
1. Who inspired you to blog?
2. Favorite non-AG doll?
3. Favorite spring flower?
4. Pool, Ocean, or Lake?
5. Hiking or bicycling?
6. Would you consider rescuing and customizing a doll?
7. Photo stories or stop motion?
8. Favorite place to read?
9. Do you like shopping?
10. Tent or RV camping?


  1. About the time my daughters read the Koko and Yum Yum books, they gave one of our cats the middle name Yum Yum. Yes, we give our cats middle names. :)

    1. Nice! It's always fun to meet a Cat Who fan. :)
      Ours don't have middle names, but the do get a bunch of situational nicknames (scar nose, white toes, etc.)

  2. I love Janet Lambert and my grandmother's library had a copy of Just Jenifer that I read and reread as a child. I am happy to say I now own every book she wrote! Also every Elswyth Thane - both authors my mother introduced me to.

    1. I am envious. Janet Lambert books are not easy to find. I'm glad you have a complete collection. Stories like Just Jenifer couldn't happen today - the way that family came together to help themselves as well as a few others was inspiring. Love it! :-D