Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snacks, Cabin Fever, & Sunny Thoughts

Well, I have eaten way too much of the Tastefully Simple S’more Snack Mix today. Is it that good? Um, it depends. If you really like Golden Grahams cereal then yes. If you don’t, probably not.
This is something you could easily make at home. Line a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper and pour Golden Grahams cereal in a single layer on the paper then add mini marshmallows. Carefully melt chocolate morsels (either milk or semi-sweet) and drizzle over the mixture on the tray. Allow to cool. If not serving right away, store in an airtight container. Yours would look more like this. If you want a real recipe for this, I found one at:
Of course, it would be better if I peeled an orange or had an apple for an afternoon snack. A nice berry salad would be good too.
*sighs* Fruit goes well with a nice cup of tea too. Today, fruit and tea is a bright spot. It’s windy and damp…we’re awaiting the snow the Midwest had earlier this week. Xyra’s mom reports it’s in the 80s in Arizona and her coworker reports 75 from Key West, Florida.

Opted to have the orange. The sections look like sunbeams on cloudy days. Very bright and fresh. J

Let’s Tip Our Thoughts Toward The Sunny Islands

2005 saw the introduction of an awesome seaside play set. The separate components included The Seaside Cabana Set, Seaside Beach Fun Wardrobe, Seaside Accessories, and Coconut Seaside Friends Set.

I love the beach so this went right on the wish list. Well, except for the cabana. While they may be popular on some beaches, we don’t see them very much in Ship Bottom, New Jersey. At least not back then. Parts of the set were retired in 2006 and others in 2007.

There were “Beach Boots” too, but I really didn’t understand them. They looked like shearling lined Uggs. I suppose if I lived at the beach year round I might wear boots to the beach in winter, but I have a hard time keeping flip flops on when I hit the sand in the summer. J

The Seaside Beach Fun Wardrobe, accessories, and friends set made there way here. The wardrobe is awesome! Something for every part of the day. A sleeveless terry, zip-front, hooded cover up; yellow, orange, and pink bikini; pink skirt; blue/aqua mesh hoodie; pink flowered sandals; shell anklet; and orange sunglasses and hair clip. (I have my hair up in the orange clip for all of these photos.)

Here I am modeling the swimsuit on our indoor “beach.” It was February and we were silly with cabin fever. J In the upper left corner Licorice and Coconut have fun in their beach goodies. The Seaside Friends Set included a towel, sunglasses, starfish, two leis and flowers. Coconut loved the beach. Licorice only tolerates it if Coconut or Coco is there with her. She’d rather be basking in a sunny windowsill.
The Seaside Accessories included a beach ball, beach towel, campfire, cooler, ice, lip balm necklace, magazine, popsicles, radio, sunscreen and water bottles.

This is a different angle with the terry cover up. 

Now these were taken out on the patio. Here we are arriving at our spot enjoying the sunshine and soaking up vitamin D.

It got cooler as the day went on so I put on the mesh hoodie and skirt. Coconut and Licorice are adorable all dressed up for the beach.

Then we gathered around the campfire.

The campfire really works. Night fell for this one, but you can see how cool the fire looks.

Have a great day! Think pleasant thoughts!

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