Thursday, March 7, 2013

Morning Tea Sandwiches

Surprise Morning Treat

Xyra was up a little earlier and prepared breakfast tea. Twinings pomegranate black tea with peanut butter and blackberry preserves sandwiches.

Special sandwiches too! Check out those shapes!

How did she do that? Cookie cutters.

Xyra found these at the Foose Cookie Cutter Company in Fleetwood, PA. Learn more about them here:

I didn’t think I’d put milk in the tea, but after the first sip…it needed something. As it turns out, this is one that would make fabulous iced tea. It was much better when it cold than hot.

Samantha Parkington

In 1986, three Historical Character dolls launched a renewed love of dolls. Kirsten Larson (1854), Samantha Parkington (1904), and Molly Maguire (1944). AG started retiring Samantha in 2008 until her collection sold out in 2009. They announced Kirsten’s retirement in 2009; her collection sold out in 2010.
Samantha represents girls from the Edwardian Era. Some people say Victorian. She was born in the Victorian Era, but Queen Victoria died in 1901; so she really grows up during Edwardian times. We have yet to read her story collection.

There is one outfit from her collection that I really liked and love to wear. Some know it from the book Samantha Saves the Day or as Samantha’s Summer Outfit. When I saw it in the catalog it was Samantha’s Middy Outfit.
Think about what you wear in the summer. Now look at this picture again…I bet you’re glad fashions have changed! I know I am. J
The outfit included the long-sleeved dress with drop waist, pleated skirt, and sailor styling; tam (the hat); and high button shoes.
I’ve worn this one several times (even for Halloween). It fits well and looks good. It is the only item I collected from Samantha’s collection. I’m certain there were other things in it I would have liked, but this was my favorite. You can see the rest of her collection here:

Have a great day!

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