Tuesday, March 19, 2013

American Girl Items at Costco Warehouses

The Costco Connection

Xyra finally got a chance to peruse her March edition of The Costco Connection “A lifestyle magazine for Costco members.” It’s actually kind of cool. Mostly ads and articles that are boring, but a great book section.

Anyway, not only did the March issue have an article on tea, but also a great announcement for an American Girl item you can find in the kids’ book section.

First the Tea

The article “The Best Brew” discusses the health advantages to drinking certain types of tea.
Rooibos is gentle on the stomach because it is naturally caffeine free and has less acid to it than regular black tea. We discussed earlier that rooibos isn’t really tea because it doesn’t come from the tea plant, but from a different shrub so it falls in the herbal tisane family.

Speaking of herbal tisanes or infusions…those are what you want to drink if you have to stay away from caffeine. Apparently, even if it says “decaffeinated” it may not be caffeine free. Chamomile, ginger, lemongrass, and mint herbal “teas” are caffeine free. Be sure to check the ingredients though. If black, green, or white tea is included…there may be some caffeine.

Finally, to get the most antioxidants choose a green tea.

American Girl at Costco

I’ve seen the books and mini dolls in the kids’ book section on previous trips to Costco. This month you can find new pets there! According to the ad “Pet Travel Carrier Sets” will be available mid-March. It includes an activity book, pet, pillow, and bowls.

Chocolate Chip, the chocolate lab, is featured, but others pets are available.
Sadly, these ads never include prices. Each warehouse may price the set differently. Find your favorite Costco member and check it out! Only available in the warehouses not at Costco.com

Have a  great day!
(& Xyra too)

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