Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Build: May 2019

May the Fourth Be With You!

May is a fun month! So many great things happening. Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, et cetera, et cetera! (giggles) We had one thing in mind for this month's calendar then Star Wars weekend happened and we shifted gears. Kind of tricky considering we haven't been collecting Star Wars Lego sets. Well, until now. But I think we're done. 
So time for the big reveal! What do you think?
Now, before you get too critical, we know Yoda's Hut did not play host to all of these characters. And, yes, we have two Lukes and no Han Solos, but in a pinch this works. We have Chewie and Leia; that counts. We like to think this stormtrooper is Finn, but seeing as it was in the Death Star Escape kit... (giggles)

After assembling Yoda's Hut we wondered if we could just split the hut and have it bookend the calendar and the solution wasn't coming to us. Although...I think I may see a way...but too late!
So then we figured out a way to extend the base so we could add the calendar.
If you look closely at the calendar we chose the main lightsaber colors for the dividing lines. Purple like Master Windu, green for spiritual use of the force, blue for physical use of the force, and red for the dark side. Pfft! NOT a fan of the sith! 
We found out there are a ton of colors and lightsaber craft is as tricky as wand making! We took a quiz to see what colors we would have. Xyra, Haley, and Kirsten got gaurdian blue. Melody and I got violet amethyst. That really shocked me. Kaya and Lea got consular green. 

So here you can see it fully. It's a big one. We have to remember to scale back next month.
Oh, I just noticed something! When you look left to right what happens? I won't tell now; you'll have to guess in the comments. (giggles)

Here's a closer look. Don't forget to spot the pineapple!
That's it for May. I hope you like it! Does your fanning span the fandoms of Trek and Wars? Or do you prefer one over the other? Did you celebrate Star Wars Day or weekend? We had fun watching the movies over that weekend.
We're more Trek over Wars, but man Yoda rocks in battle as well as as a teacher and the good droids are the best! 

Now, here it is in it's rightful place.

[Xyra aside: This is my first try at using a reflector for my photos and I think it went very well, but I still nee more practice.]

Have a great day!

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  1. Love this post, Lanie. Yes, I am a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek. Hmm. I'll have to take that quiz sometime!

    1. Thank you! Cool! What's your favorite Star Wars Character and Star Trek Character?

  2. I definitely like Star Wars! And using a reflector for photos is so much fun. I think your photos look great. And Lanie's dress looks so cute!

    1. Thank you! It was an interesting experience. i do like this dress better than I thought I would.

  3. I also got guardian blue!

    Maybe that Storm Trooper is really Han...

    1. Nice!

      Oooo, now there is a thought! Han does take on the stormtrooper disguise. :-)

  4. Hmm, my favorite Star Wars character is probably Leia Organa [in the original movies] and my favorite Star Trek character might be Kirk or Uhara. It's been awhile since I've seen Star Trek.

    1. Leia is awesome! Witty and strong. Kirk and Uhura are the best (original and reboot)!

      The H&I channel has Star Trek night and starts with an episode of the original then Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. It's a cool line up but gets late. :-D