Friday, May 10, 2019

LORI Product Review: Camping and Carefree

Let's Get Together Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

What do we have here, Haley?
Looks like some camping gear. The fun stuff.
Lots of cool stuff in fact. The back lists 1 each: guitar, lantern,campfire popcorn, hamburger, set of food cans, s'mores platter, jar of peanut butter, frying pan with eggs, water bottle, compass, cooler, headlamp, thermos, dish, map, box of crackers, camping book; and 2 each cans of soda, slices of toast, and marshmallow skewers.
Oops! Almost missed the water bottle.
I've laid out everything,but the water and soda are in the cooler. It's almost too bad they filled the cooler with so much ice or more would fit inside. I do love he look of the ice.
A better angle. You can see the ice better in this view.
Haley has he drinks and is ready to go!
The compass is cute. Would be nicer if I didn't have to tie it.
Haley decides to chill with the headlamp and play a few songs on the guitar.
Time for popcorn.

Xyra's Notes

  • Another great LORI set. I think the name isn't quite right. I think Let's Head out to the Fire Pit would be better. 
  • I LOVE that the foods are not completely stuck to a container (except for the popcorn). You can even make a fried egg sandwich with the eggs and toast.
  • The lid to the cooler has cup holders. That's a neat feature. 
  • This will work well with the travel set for day trips.
  • There is one more set I hope to acquire.

What is your favorite item in this set?

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow, I've heard a lot about the LORI sets! This one looks super cute, too. Do you know if it fits the AG mini dolls?

    1. Yes, it will. Haley is actually a bit taller than the AG minis, so this will be more to their size.

  2. That does look like a pretty cool camping set. What brand of doll is Haley?

    1. Hi! Haley is a Madame Alexander mini that was featured by Avon a couple years ago. Gramma Enne got her for our mini family. she is second tallest; our Madeline doll is the tallest. The AG, OG, and LORI dolls are a bit smaller, but the outfits and gear fit decently all around (some are hit and miss).

  3. Oh, I see. I have an OG doll and some OG stuff and other off-brand clothing which seems to fit my AG dolls fine. A few don't though.

    1. Yes, It's like that! Kind of hit or miss with a few of the LORI outfits. For instance, I have an older mini Felicity and her petticoat or shift does not come off, so she is more limited in what she can change into. The mini AG hands are slightly different than the mini OG and LORI hands so sometimes the sleeves are difficult. This mini MA has painted on shoes so the narrow leg pants and tights won't work for her. Madeline is taller, but also slimmer so some things fall off of her or are short. These accessories are fairly universal for the minis.