Thursday, April 11, 2019

National Pet Day 2019

Just a few from our Family

If you follow us regularly, you know we have a huge menagerie of pets. All are receiving a few extra treats today.
However, our time photo time was limited so Xyra said the first two out the door with their pets won the shoot. We won!
Getting down on their level was the best way to keep everyone from exploring the yard.


Coco is my second Westie. I still miss Coconut. Licorice is my first kitty. She's the eldest of the cats.


I love bunnies! Even if they nibble my garden. So cute and fluffy and sweet and funny.
Lulu is my favorite. Nutmeg and Razzi make great friends for her; the bonding went quickly and well. Razzi and Nutmeg had already bonded so it was a good thing they welcomed Lulu to their circle.

Do you have any pets? Our pastor's family is thinking about getting a bearded dragon. We've been thinking about an iguana.

Best wishes!



  1. This photoshoot is adorable and all the pets are just too cute.

    My girls have no pets, as of yet. Personally, due to health issues having a pet is out of the question. I would love a cat or a Budgie.

    1. Thank you. I believe it would be a challenge on many levels to have a pet. I've heard Budgies are nice (you know we love kitties).

  2. So cute! So many pets around here, mostly dogs, but some little critters too.

    1. Yes, we should round up every one at some point to do a big pet family shoot. LOL