Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Road Trip-DC Part 3


Hi, again! I'm so glad you have returned to check out the grand finale of Saturday's meet and greet. The Tyson's Corner Center Store also known as American Girl Washington DC. Have you ever been to an official American Girl store. One that doesn't disappear in a few months? This was my very first visit to one. Yes, I did go to the King of Prussia Pop-Up Store a couple years ago, but it's not the same. I mean, really, I can't go back.

The funny thing is, Clarisse was in Philly when I was in DC. She mentioned wearing her vintage American Girl tee shirt while exploring a city with so much American history and yet we don't have our own permanent American Girl store. Ugh! (sighs) Okay, enough venting! (giggles) Let's just jump to exploring DC! 

Exploring the Store

While Briar and Chrissa were in the restroom, I visited with Melody. She has a nice bed. Her dog, Bo, is really sweet.
Then I talked with Luciana. 
She let me explore the space module. (giggles) It's not Marvin's Pu-36 space modulator. (giggles)
I had Briar and Chrissa join us at the module.
After our trip to space we headed to the farm and Blaire's farm to table restaurant.
The kitchen is nice. 
We had fun with the cart.
Chrissa and I set the table.
Blaire and Briar got a photo together.
Looks yummy, but we had just finished lunch and I was stuffed!
The pergola slats are bare now, but there are plans to have wisteria or ivy or another climbing plant create a natural canopy.
Then I met up with Nanea at the shave ice stand. She tole me to wait for a minute while she changed and we would head to the market.
Mele is adorable. She offered me a lei, but I couldn't take it. I thanked her for the offer. 
Maryellen asked if I'd grab her a soda from the fridge. When I opened the door I had to laugh.
Do you see what I see that should be in the freezer?
The airstream was parked in a strange spot. You could barely get to the door.
Then I met up with Melody again. She was in the studio cutting a track.
I made sure I didn't touch any of the buttons in the booth.
This egg chair is super comfy. I love the ottoman.
The wheaton terrier looks as cute in the rough and ready jacket as Meatloaf does. I love the bed but am not sure who all would use it in our crew. (giggles) I have a feeling Carmelotta would take it for her own. Or Heather! Their both so tiny.
Oh! This little one looks like Bijoux! I wonder if Bonbon would like a friend?
Hmmm, we have older versions of Felicity and Rebecca. I wonder if anyone would like to add a new BeForever to our collection? 
If you had to choose one of these dolls, which would you choose?

Yay! Corn hole! I had to throw a couple of bean bags. It's a great game we learned on Ocracoke.
I met 53 at the hotel. She said her room was really comfy. I complimented her pajamas.
Then she offered me a glass of water. So I headed to the ice bucket.
Well, that was my first experience at American Girl. Until we meet again.

What was your favorite part of my adventure? I think meeting all my new friends was my favorite part...and maybe the egg chair with ottoman.

Best wishes,

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  1. Dear Melody, you had so many great adventures! It's difficult to pick a favorite but I liked the photo of you talking with Luciana. How often does one get to speak with an astronaut?
    You are very lucky to be able to go to an American Girl store. Where I live, there is an American Girl outlet but it doesn't have a very wide range of clothing or items. I am still able to buy nice outfits for my children though.
    Thanks for your great reporting. Ms. Dorothy

    1. Oooo! You're close to Hershey? We were there in the fall and are planning to go back. We found a few nice items. It is a mix of regular and discounted prices.

    2. Yes, it was fun chatting with an astronaut! Lucianna was so much fun.

  2. Looks like a fun trip!! We love Washington DC, haven't been there for a while though. So many things to see and do.

    1. Was a super fun trip! Yes, so many things to see and do!