Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Mini Adventure #22: Road Trip

Train Collectors Association

April Meet York, PA

Trains are Fun!

Luci, Rebecca, both
I love watching trains!
The click of the wheels on the rails.
This one has working lights in the cars.
I like this mill set up.
This farm is nice. 
Looks like the train startled the horse. 
Good thing the rider can't fall off. (giggles)
That's one loooonnnggg train.
The freight train is coming.
Check out the tunnel in the background.
Another barn.
I like the stone pen for the cows.
This church reminds me of Little Zion.
A drive-in! Cool!
What's playing?
Turn around and look! (giggles)
I'm posing for a photo. You turn around. (laughs)

Check out this one coming by the corn field!
Can you imagine creating a corn field!?

This church is complete with cemetery.
Mmm hmm.
Are you holding your breath? (laughs)

I like this commuter train by the highway.
Punch buggy!

Check out the Ferris Wheel!

Oooo! I can run the package loader!
Steam a comin'!
So if you don't have time to build your own buildings you can get pre-made. These are cute.
Two lights coming our way!
So this is a fun layout! Lots of dinosaurs!
And Thomas speeding by!
Here come another train. Hope the dinosaurs don't get it.
This part of the layout has an EL!
Double stacks!
More dinosaurs.
The train is faster than the dinos. 
And out of arms reach. (giggles)

Yikes! That truck is a monster!

A great section of town! Are you hungry for a burger? 
I like the train cars on this train. POW and Tractor Supply.
How about this Canadian Pacific holiday train all lit with lights?
Yeah, cool! But did you notice the Cars crew in the background?
Oh! (giggles) Neat!
Check it out there is slot car layout inside the train layout!
That's cool!

Epilogue by Xyra
Franz and I have been visiting the Train Collectors Association spring meet in York, Pennsylvania for many year. He collects American Flyer and LGB trains. He has recently added a Lionel set. And I have my grandfather's N gauge trains. In most of the buildings photography is not permitted. However, photography is permitted at the different layouts and in "Dealer Row." So this year I slipped mini Luci and Rebecca in my purse. I was pleasantly surprised at the smiles and nods I received while taking my pictures. A couple times I realized that either I or the minis would be in someone else's photo and apologized. Again, I was pleasantly surprised no one was annoyed in their response. It was fun and I hope we can do this again. The layouts are slightly different each year (and I didn't get any on Dealer's row). Unfortunately, it seems online sites like eBay and Craigslist have taken a bite out of attendance at these shows so the big meets like this may soon be a thing of the past.

I grabbed cards by two of the layouts. One was put up by the National Association of S Gaugers. Another was by Eagle Line Railroad. I missed info on the other layouts. 

Do you have a favorite photo from Luci's and Becky's trip? Please leave a comment.

See you later! Thank you for stopping today!



  1. Dear Xyra, oh my goodness you were so near me! I wish I had known you were coming; I would have tried to connect with you.

    I have never been to the train show. I do like trains though. We had a Lionel train that ran around our Christmas tree when I was a child.

    I am going to the Lancaster Doll Show this Sunday. There is one each year in April and November.

    1. Good to know for next time I'm headed in that direction. Trains are a lot of fun! How did the Doll Show go?

    2. I had a great time! There were so many wonderful dolls, antique ones and modern ones. I got an original Addy Doll! I wasn't actually looking for her but the price was good and she was in good condition.
      I am really into the Gotz Happy Kidz Dolls. I have two. They wear the same size as the American Girl Dolls. Well, not the same size shoes. Gotz children have big feet (laugh)! I have gotten a few outfits for them from the American Girl outlet store in Hershey.

    3. That's wonderful! A great find to put the cherry on top of the day. <3 <3

      I like the Gotz dolls, but don't have any of them...maybe in the future. Not sure. I think the MA dolls have bigger feet too. More ducklike; wide at the toes skinny at the heel. :-D

  2. I love train shows but the admission in a lot of places has gotten expensive.

    The state fair in Ohio use to have a whole building set up with model trains. I loved it!

    1. Yes, it depends were you go. This one has a registration fee and you can not access the buildings without an official tag.

      Maybe we should scope out the local layouts next Christmas for a shoot.

  3. Loved this! I didn't realize that Franz collected American Flyer trains, my dad had a small collection of them which my nephew ended up with. If you are ever in Pittsburgh, you'll have to go check out the train display at the Carnegie Science Center, it's HO gauge and features different landmarks of the Pittsburgh area in the layout.