Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Build: April 2019

Spring and Easter Theme

Hi! Kirsten here. I'm back for a great build reveal! You can see a glimpse over my shoulder.
This one took a little longer to complete because we really wanted to feature "Easter" mini figures and when we saw the "chick" as a purchase with purchase we had to wait for it to be available.
Then discussing colors...that can cause a few arguments since we all have different favorite colors. (sighs)
I think it turned out quite lovely. We have a bunch of spring greens. 
Then the purple for the crocuses that pop up first after winter. Purple is also for the season of Lent.
Then we pulled out our previous egg hunt set for the mini figures, eggs, and fences. We found all our little bunnies. And the lamb, of course.
We're keeping the month arch in our design too. 
Some spring flowers and eggs.
Here's a view from above.
I like it.
Don't forget to find the pineapple!
What is your favorite part of our April build? 

Thank you for stopping by. See you later!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl or Lego. All bricks used for the above build have been collected since over several years. The perpetual calendar and Easter egg hunt sets are retired.


  1. Dear Kirsten, I like the carrots sticking out of the side of the fence. I also like your Paris shirt. How appropriate for right now.
    Regards, Ms. Dorothy

    1. Hi, Ms. Dorothy! Thank you! Grace let me borrow her shirt. The carrots in the fence spot was originally a box to hide an egg for the egg hunt, but the lamb jumped in and that was that. :-)