Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Road Trip-DC Part 2

American Girl Meet Up Luncheon

I'm still sooo over the moon from this past weekend. It was my first official trip to an official American Girl Store. Yes, I  visited the AG Pop-Up in King of Prussia the other year, but it is no longer there and it didn't have all the cool features of an official store...like a BISTRO!!!! To top it off we were meeting a LOT of other people there for lunch and to celebrate Nonna's and Suzi's birthdays.

The drive from the National Zoo to Tyson's Corner Center was not bad. Of course, I was just a passenger. Briar, Chrissa, and I chatted in the back and watched all the pretty cherry blossoms go by. Plus we pointed out interesting houses and buildings.

Walking out of garage A...there it was! American Girl! (happy squeal)
We went inside and started looking for our new friends. I spotted the lavender pergola with the wisteria and had to get a shot with it. 
It's not real, but made me think of Great Aunt Lanie. 
When all 16 of us were there we were seated in the bistro. I handed out the little gifts I brought for everyone. They thought the succulents were cute. Here's a look at Romina, Isabelle, and Casey with theirs.
At the opposite end of the table were KJ, Ruthie, Kit, and MJ. They were so much fun! I wish my photo of them wasn't quite so blurry.
KJ handed out foam fingers to everyone. Blaire put one on each hand! She's a riot!
Then we ordered. I can totally recommend the spinach artichoke dip, pretzel bites, and fruit plate. Romina is a vegan and the staff was very helpful in getting her order properly created for her needs. The unsweetened tea was really good. For my entree I had the turkey club with a salad. It was really tasty too. Evelyn's chicken tenders looked really good and so did the burgers and salmon.

We had a great table craft, but I was too busy getting to know everyone at our end of the table to work on my face mask. Brought it home for a rainy day!

Then it was time to celebrate the birthdays! Out came the cakes! One for Suzi and one for Nonna. Aren't the cakes pretty?!
After blowing out the candles. Suzi and Nonna opened gifts and the staff brought each of us a slice of cake with a flower pot of vanilla ice cream. There was a daisy in the ice cream. So cute. (whispers) But I would have preferred chocolate ice cream. (giggles)

We all wanted to get a photo after lunch. Isabelle rounded our end of the table up to head outside before the sun got too low for good photos. 
Some how Romina missed the photo, but here we are all together. 
From left to right: Evelyn, Suzi, Jamie, Sophie, Linda, Isabelle, KJ, Blaire-she's sitting, Casey, Ruthie, Chrissa, Briar, Me, MJ, and Kit! What a lovely group of new friends?! I'm not sure if plans are in the works for another luncheon or not. I hope so. I may bring one of my sisters along next time. 

After photos we said goodbyes, but didn't immediately head home. And it turns out we weren't the only ones to stay around a little longer. Come back tomorrow to see more about my trip.

So whose outfit did you like best? What would you have ordered?

Best wishes,

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  1. Dear Melody, you are such a good reporter. I feel like I am there with you!
    I don't have a favorite outfit because everyone looks so cute.
    The cake looks yummy!
    Regards, Ms. Dorothy

    1. So true about the outfits! It think everyone took extra time getting dressed for the event. The cake was yummy. :-)