Monday, March 12, 2018

The Build: March 2018

Bring on March...

And Spring!

Hi! How are you doing? March has been very interesting around here. Our third nor'easter storm is supposed to start sometime tonight. The weather people think it will be heavier north and east of the city this time instead of north and west. Phew! It's almost always north and west of the city that is supposed to get more snow and that's us north and west of Philly.
In other news, it's also been busy around the house so we haven't had a chance to prepare many posts. It really stinks when that happens. We hope to turn that around soon, starting with today! Time to reveal the March calendar.
This one is a bit more simple than last month's, but just as green. Green for Saint Patrick's Day and the coming of spring.
Emma is on a horse cart representing the parades.
The other mini figures present are all wearing green.
Then we have the bunnies representing the birds and animals waking up from winter and becoming more active. The purple flowers are crocuses and the green shoots represent other bulbs trying to push aside winter and bloom.

So what do you think? You know, this vehicle theme is proving more difficult than we thought. Loving the challenge.

See you again soon!


  1. Love it! So fun, and green. Hope you stay warm during the cold weather.

    Morgan from the TN Girls