Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mini Adventure #16

It's a Tea Week

Thankfully Not a Weak Tea

Yesterday we posted about the Want Some Tea blogger award and while taking our photos Kirsten had a scathingly, brilliant idea for a Mini Adventure. 

Remember my photo kind of like this? 

The theme coordinates perfectly with TeaTime Magazine's Teapot Tuesday! 
Photo by TeaTime Magazine

This is the first time we noticed that hashtag - we may be incorporating it more often. 
Or at least until we're out of teapots to feature. (giggles)

The Adventure Begins

Possibly a Cool Tea

Felicity, Holly, Madeline, Rebecca, Tama, 2 or more

Wow! This is a big teapot!
It might take two or three of us to pour.
Pour into what? We don't have any cups.
Very sad.
It smells good though.
Be careful, you don't want any steam burns.
It's almost empty, I'll be okay.
An almost empty teapot?!
Oh, even more sad!

Mini Tea Cups

We're wondering if Barbie sized tea cups would work for the minis? What do you think?

Teapot Details

Xyra found this teapot at Wegman's grocery store for $2.99. It's lovely and will go with all of our different tea sets.

Best wishes!



  1. If you can find some of the older Barbie ones, I think they would be fine. Even if what you get is a little big, you can pretend that they are at "Central Perk"! Love that little tea pot.

    1. An excuse to get my Barbie collection out. :) There are quite a few speckleware cups in my dollhouse, but these minis are a bit big for that house, so those cups might be too small. Ah, the Goldilocks or Alice conundrum.