Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kitty Doll Outfit Finds

Fun Trip to Walmart

I haven't been to Walmart in ages; I tend to go to Target more. The other morning I had to pick up a few things before work and Walmart is definitely closer. While there, I checked out the My Life As offerings and the infant department. Struck gold in both areas!

The Outfits

Both incorporate a leopard pattern as well as cat faces and ears.

My Life As

If you like animal inspired 18" doll outfits. My Life As is all over it this spring. Bunny, butterfly, and fox pajamas plus this outfit and a cat skating outfit (also cute) and a few others.
This outfit has silky, nylon (polyester), lavender leggings; a teal tunic with lavender sash and leopard peplum; and a lavender eared headband.
I think this will look adorable on Haley. not sure how well it will fit on her sisters.

Infant Section

Then I walked over to the infant section and finally figured out the color code for preemie outfits. They do not have many!

I hesitated to get two leopard outfits, but the others mentioned "mommy" or "niece" and I wasn't very fond of the cupcake leggings. Some minor modifications are necessary, but it will make a cute tunic and leggings outfit.
"Wildly Cute" seemed the best choice. Plus I  liked the 100% cotton.

The Price is Right

Which do you think was cheaper?

Will have Who Wears it Best posts in the near future. Stay tuned. :-)

Best wishes,


  1. So cute, especially love the baby outfit! That will be adorable once you've cut it off and hemmed it. I've picked up quite a few sets in the infants department. Just stay away from Garanimals, they fit weird for some reason.

    1. I was thinking I'd just use pinking shears this time. But may move to plan B if it doesn't look quite right. :) Thanks for the tip about Garanimals.

  2. I think that the My Life As was cheaper. I have been in the infant department and there aren't always the best prices.

    So I'd say the My Life As outfit was cheaper.

    Allie D.

    1. It's true that some infant sets are not cheap. :) In this case, though, the My Life As was more expensive - not by much, but we pay tax on toys and don't on clothes.

  3. Cool! I look forward to seeing the outfits on your dolls in Who Wore it Bests. :)
    I don't have a good guess as to which outfit was cheaper, but I'll say the infant outfit. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler