Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lori by OG: Review and Adventure

Rooftop Patio Set and Glam Gal! Outfit

Hi! The new Lori by OG line is out at Target. Xyra picked up two things she liked and thought we would too. (rubs palms together) I took a peek then snatched them to open. Mwah-ha-ha. Sit back and relax...lots of photos because my day morphed from a review to a mini adventure featuring a who wears it best section. Fun, fun, fun!

[Obviously we aren't the first to pick up or review items from the new line. But I hope you enjoy the post.]

Opening and Partial Review

First, I have the Rooftop Patio Set. The Lori by OG packaging is nice. Pale pink with white details.
A plastic shell holds everything together. You can see two regular chairs, a lounge chair, umbrella, table, tray with iced tea pitcher and glasses. So, so cute!
Then I have the Glam Gal!outfit.
No plastic, so you can touch the fabric. It does seem secure. The skirt is really soft.
The writing on the box is in dark pink. On the back is Lori's story. Sounds like she and her friends are lots of fun!
I was able to pull the brick wall holding the outfit out of the box easily. Love that brick. I wonder what the crafty bloggers will do with it? Could be used to make some fun items.
The patio set came out easily too. Same pink brick background.
Flipping the patio set over I found lots of tape, but no strings. Yay!
Okay, so all the tape is off the back. After finding even more tape, the clam shell is open and the pieces fall free. Very nice!
This is the logo on the bottom of one chair and table.
The chairs remind me of coconut shells. Very cute. The seams show gaps, but nothing is loose.
No legs on the bottom of the lounge chair. It sits lower than the chairs.
The umbrella is held closed with a plastic band. Keep track of that band! You'll want to use it when storing the umbrella. Or you can use it for a fun new hairstyle.
It's easy to open the umbrella and it stays open by itself. Just be sure to push up until you hear a click. 
I've got everything arranged and Holly is ready to try it out.
Holly says, "It's very comfy."
You know, Holly, I think the best way to review the outfit is in a mini adventure...let's go get your friends.

Glam Shopping

Felicity, Holly, Rebecca, 2 or more, Lanie

Let's go in this new store.
Looks chic.
Ooo, check out that outfit!
Very cute!
Let's try it on.
The mannequin is funny!
Looks like the invisible girl.
Felicity you go first.

Outfit Details

The outfit comes with a pair of sneakers, socks, floral skirt, denim ruffled blouse, bag, and glasses.
The sneakers have slits up the back for easy on and off.
The glasses do not fold, but you can store them inside the bag with the socks.
It closes with velcro. The stitches are slightly off center, but passable.

Back to the Boutique

I wonder what Felicity will look like.
Are you almost ready?
I'm do I look?
Hmmm, cute, but not very comfortable.

[Felicity's chemise does not have a velcro opening and I was afraid to try and pull it over her head. The sleeves make it difficult for the blouse to fit properly. The hem showing at the bottom isn't bad, a layered look.]
[Both the skirt and blouse open in back and fasten with velcro. The skirt is big, even over the chemise.]

Your turn, Rebecca.
How do I look?
Very nice.
Oh, the bag keeps slipping off my shoulder. 
Love it though!
I suppose I should let you try it on, Holly.
You bet! My turn...
How do I look?
Just don't mention my hair! I know it's all over today.
Oh, puh-lease! Just look at mine!
[When Holly spins you can see how loose the skirt is.]
Um, I'm having some trouble seeing either of you.
[The umbrella stand is part of the lounge chair and does not move, so you can't angle the umbrella. Maybe if I just set it in and didn't push down, it might be better.]
We should ask the sales girl to move the umbrella for us.
Rebecca you look great in that outfit!
Thanks. I like it a lot!
Please, help yourself to some tea. It's unsweetened mango black today.
Can I get you anything else?
Sure, can we have some pizza and slushies?
Coming up.

What a great day!

Who do you think wears the Glam Gal! outfit best?

One of my favorite parts of the patio set is the tea. The pitcher and glasses are made in such a way to make it look like there are ice cubes in the tea. Cool! in more ways than one. (giggles)

Oh, and with the outfit. The blouse goes on okay. You need to take a little time over the hands, but all six hands fit. The bag - instead of putting it over the head, it's easier if to step into it. The skirt is HUGE! It fits Rebecca best because of her bloomers, but it kept slipping off Felicity and Holly. The socks are kind of the most difficult things to put on. They ended up being more slouchy on all three dolls.

Xyra's Notes

  • The table extender at the end of the story is a plate from a Tupperware kids set. It fit on top of the round table nicely. The Lori tray I turned upside down to make a shelf for the tea pitcher and additional beverages.
  • Seems the Lori Dolls website is still under construction. Bookmark it for later reference. :)
  • The furniture set was $12.99 and the outfit $6.99. Both are well worth the money.
  • On Target's website they currently have an Our Generation deal. Spend $40 and save $10 on Our Generation items. Not completely sure how that works, but thought I would share it with you. (September 2015)
  • Rebecca's legs are uneven, but while trying to pose her I noticed that not only are they uneven, they are completely different legs. The longer one is also thicker all the way down. Will have to look at Felicity a little closer too.
  • If you have mini Holly...her black headband leaves black marks so don't leave it on anyone too long, if they share accessories.

See you again soon!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Our Generation, or Target. All items mentioned were personally purchased and the review comprised of our own words and honest opinions. Links are provided for educational and informative purposes; no purchase is suggested or required.


  1. Glad to hear that SOMEONE has finally found some of this stuff!! Neither of the Targets I regularly go to have any sign of anything coming in either. I may have to torture my friend Heather next week when we go to Pittsburgh and make her stop at a Target (or two, or three) LOL

    So cute! Good info about the headband too, I have an older OG mini doll with a headband, will remember that.

    1. Yikes! I stumbled up on ours. In Pottstown (and in Quakertown) Lori is on the end cap at the back end of the aisle - where they tend to put clearance items or the Terra collection.

      I had Hollly's headband on Rebecca because it tames her hair nicely, but took it off when I saw the streak on Holly's neck.