Friday, September 4, 2015

Fashion Review: AG Fashion Show Outfit

Sales are Good?

Why the question mark? Well, if you are trying to save money for one thing and get distracted by another...a sale may not be so good. However, if you find something from your wishlist in the sale...the current sale section at American Girl has quite a few cool items at greatly reduced prices. [That's the other reason for the question mark, sale prices show you how low a company can go and still make some profit on items provided.] We were able to use a gift card and add a few things to our collection. Garnet was one of them [She is no longer listed; I'm happy we got her when we did.] and this outfit was another.

Fashion Show Tee and Skirt

These pieces are fun and will be great paired with other items throughout the year. The dark pink flutter-sleeve tee shirt matches the dark pink trim on the tiered skirt. Looks cute together.
The tee is soft cotton and features the fashion show logo.

A close up on the graphic on the tee shirt. It's kind of disappointing; a very obvious transfer.
I kind of liked the previous tags instead. They were like the red Levi's tag.

The tee shirt fastens with velcro. 
It's the extra sticky, picky kind, so be careful around hair and sweaters.

The skirt is made of sturdy white cotton with dark pink details outlining faux pockets, an elastic waistband, and a smaller logo. 
[Personally, I really do not like faux pockets. Especially this kind where you can fit your finger tips under the detailing - just a dirty trick; like short sheeting a bed.]

As of today both are still on the sale page; the tee is $5 and the skirt $6 plus shipping and taxes.

Photo Shoot

Kaya stepped up to model. The waist is snug and took some effort to get on. The sleeves...they don't quite flutter yet.

We tucked the sleeves down into flutter position. Much better.

Additional Details

Necklace: A bracelet from the Charming Charlie clearance section
Watch: AG Everyday Accessories set (formerly Ruthie's accessories)
Sandals: The Queen's Treasures

What do you think? Do you like sales? From your own collection, what is your favorite item you found on sale?

So glad you stopped. Come again soon!

Note: Tea Time with Melody Q is not affiliated with American Girl, Charming Charlie, or The Queen's Treasures. Items shown were purchased for our own collection and the review comprised of our own words and honest opinions. All links and prices are provided for informative purposes only. No purchase is suggested or required.


  1. I got both of these pieces too, glad to hear your skirt was a bit tight too, I thought maybe it was just me. Best sale item--I got Rembrandt (renamed Finn) on Cyber Monday for a fraction of what he had been selling for. I was so excited because I'd missed out on him before and didn't want to pay Ebay prices.

    1. Good to know. for future meet ups. ;-)

      Nice! Rembrandt is cute!

    2. Yes, that could be embarrassing if our girls showed up wearing the same things!

      I've been tempted to look for a different design that would cover the iron on in an applique. So far nothing though. I have another shirt from AG that also had a disappointing iron on design. :(

    3. It's tricky. The transfer is high enough that an applique big enough to cover might be overwhelming. [Can you tell we're watching Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta?]

  2. My favorite sale item was Julie... 80.00 and worth the drive in the rain to the outlet. My favorite non sale item is Addy's original nightgown. I really thought I would find it on sale, but it was not to be and it was well worth the full price. It always brings me joy! Jen

    1. Hi, Jen! Those are great grabs! I agree sometimes going in at full price is well worth it too.