Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fashion Review: Denim Skort

A Stylish Secret

Laundry Daze DesignsDenim Skort

Haley, Melody, both

The day we drove out to Altoona, PA Haley and I wore matching denim skorts.
A skort looks like a skirt, but has hidden shorts attached.
Skorts are great because you look fancy, but are still modest.
Ours came from Laundry Daze Designs.
Don't we look cute? (giggling)
Xyra's one skort has a zipper and the other an elastic waist. Our skorts have a velcro closure.
Very easy to use.
Kristen is a local seamstress who does nice work for all sizes. Her boutique will be set up at a lot of community events and fairs this fall. You can see more photos of her work...
And find out where she will be next as well as contact her on the Laundry Daze Designs Facebook page.

Xyra's Notes

  • I'm certain the girls will be wearing these a lot since they help fend off the accidental upskirt photo. 
  • The skorts were a special order. I had been looking on Etsy for denim shorts and couldn't find any that I could get to fit my budget. I really liked the skort set I bought from Laundry Daze Designs earlier this season and contacted Kristen to see if she could make a couple of denim skorts for me. These two are well constructed like the lavender flower one. There are two suggestions that might make them even better: extend the waistband slightly to have a tab closure and cut the pattern using pinking shears (although denim frays no matter how you cut it).  

Do you have a skort in your collection? Do you like to wear it dressy or casual?

Best wishes,

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  1. Perhaps someone needs to suggest these to Princess Catherine as she seems to have quite a few dress "mishaps"!

    1. I had a really nice photo of Kaya and realized I couldn't use it. She was wearing shorts too. Be careful when wearing/photographing the fuschia Coconut Fun outfit shorts.