Friday, March 28, 2014

Carson City Nevada Part 3

The Big Day (part 1 of 3)

Today we took a LOT of pictures so we are splitting today into three sections starting with...

Nevada State Railroad Museum: Carson City

After breakfast we gathered everything up and headed to the Nevada State Railroad Museum
Both Gramma Enne and Opa Hans volunteer there. Although, his name tag says Tu Tu Twain.
The museum has three parts: the interpretive center, annex, and yard. There is also a roundhouse or engine house, but visitors aren't allowed to go in there.

Interpretive Center

Inside they have a small Thomas the Tank Engine play set. I had to check it out. We fixed a lot of the the cars...most had derailed. Oh, no!
They have quite a few nicely restored cars on display here. This boxcar...
It has a lot of open space so I think it was used to transport livestock.
Yep, says so right here in the description.
Then on to this Virginia and Truckee Railroad combine.
The luggage portion is neat.
This is the tender for the Inyo.

These next few shots are me checking out the Inyo

I like it a lot because of where it was made.

Philadelphia, PA!

There is a huge grinding wheel.
Gramma Enne got a picture of Xyra straightening my dress before she took this picture.
This coach has a beautiful ceiling. I'm sorry it didn't quite turn out right.
Another locomotive is the Joe Douglass. It's a narrow gauge locomotive.

And it's a Porter.

They have smaller trains too. Here is a small model railroad.

And this one.

On the Way to The Annex

Outside the interpretive center is a wooden caboose. 
The Western Pacific caboose #657 used to sit at the Ponderosa Ranch and was the ticket booth for those heading up to breakfast camp. Gramma and Opa worked breakfast camp a few times. Xyra ate there and loved it!

It's pretty cool inside with work area, living space, and sleeping quarters.

Then it was off for a handcar ride. Opa was in charge part of today. 
Apparently, I am too short, but I got a few pictures anyway. 
Then I headed over to this photo op spot with Whistlin' Billy.

There is so much more...I think we should stop here and show more tomorrow. Hope you don't mind. See you tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Note: The links provide further information on the rolling stock and displays mentioned in our trip to the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City. If you are or have a train lover in your family, check them out.