Friday, March 7, 2014

Doll Finds Part 4

Local Consignment Shop...

Xyra was early to pick up pizza, so she spent a few minutes in the consignment shop next door. She found a pair of leggings, yellow tee shirt, pink onesie, three hats, and two pair of socks. The leggings, tee, and onesie are all marked 0-3 mos.
Aren't these socks adorable?!
Take a closer look. The have pink mary janes or ballet slippers on them. CUTE!
Xyra is going to make us a dress from this onesie.
Bronwyn decided to photo bomb Lanie. She's so cute.
Just have to cut it at the right spot. Then hem it. She's going to decorate the hem with this ribbon. Will be perfect with the new boots!
The entire bill at the consignment shop was less than $6; less than just the boots.
I'm pretty sure that the conversion will be a future post; or at least the final product will be.

I hope you enjoyed our Doll Finds series. Come back tomorrow to see what's new.

Best wishes,

Xyra's Ps. Hahahaha...spellchecker marks onesie as incorrect and wants to replace it with Nessie. Too funny on so many levels.


  1. Great finds. That is a good idea to make a dress out of the onesie. And the photo bomb is so funny!

    1. :-) Bronwyn liked the box and wouldn't move, so... :-)